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Online gaming has a lot of features attached but the most essential has always been the method attributed to making transactions. The sole purpose of any online establishment is to raise funds making it very important for online platforms to provide the most unique options for players to use in carrying out transactions.

Zimpler is a unique creation that aids players make withdrawals and deposits online. You can carry out transactions on Zimpler at any time any day with an instant processing time attached to most transactions.

The banking option does not possess a worldwide range like most other options but the fast transaction time attached have made it one of the most used transaction options in the countries that provide access to it.

Zimpler operates with a card or bill system making it possible for players to credit their online casino accounts when there are no funds in their financial institutions. What set Zimpler apart from the other options offered is the fact that it was designed for the sole purpose of processing transaction in gambling dens. You would hardly find any transaction option online designed to serve gamblers.

Zimpler payments

History of Zimpler

Zimpler is a payment option offered by a lot of casinos in Sweden and Finland. There are numerous banking options attached to gaming at a Swedish casino. Zimpler came into existence in 2016, the company was drawn from Pugglepay.

Pugglepay was the initial name that the Zimpler platform operated with at inception in 2012. With the unending advancement that the internet faces on a daily basis, it was evident that the company needed to rebrand its product thereby changing its name to Zimpler with lots of notable advancement in most of its features.

Making Deposits with Zimpler

To make use of Zimpler, you would need to be certain that the casino you are making use of offers players the option of making the transaction via Zimpler. Note that the option is mainly offered to players in Sweden and Finland so if you are from the US or abroad, you wouldn’t be able to use Zimpler to carry out transactions.

The platform would take you to a page where you would have to sign in with your mobile number which would help you verify your identity with the platform. After this verification, you would be offered two payment options to choose from.

The first payment option offered is Bills. If you are making use of Bills, you have to insert the amount you would like to deposit into the platform. You don’t need any financial institution to finalise your transaction with the Bills option.

You can make use of funds available in the platform to pay at a later date. An SMS verification would be sent to your account to help you keep track of the amount to be paid. You have 14 days to make a deposit of the funds transacted before a higher interest rate would be attached.

Making use of the second option which is Card would offer you a platform to input your card details. In this option, the funds would be withdrawn directly from the financial institution that is attached to your card. Zimpler is mainly optimised for gambling purposes, so you can be certain of instant processing time in any of the transaction options you make use of.

Zimpler Casinos

Zimpler does not have a platform were by your personal information would be stored so anytime you click on the payment option you would have to input your details into the site. Setting a limit to the amount that would be deposited into your account via the platform is very much possible.
Making Withdrawals via Zimpler

Processing withdrawals via Zimpler are very easy and with a fast transaction time. To make withdrawals, you would have to make sure the casino in question offers players the option of using the transaction method to make withdrawals.

Note that not all casinos that offer players the option for making deposits also offers it for withdrawals. A lot of casino bank mainly with the depositing option that the platform provides due to the transaction time it possesses. To make a withdrawal you would need to input your card details into the given platform with the amount you wish to withdraw.

Fees and Limit attached to Making Transactions via Zimpler

Every payment platform in the world has a transaction time attached to the services offered. For making deposits, Zimpler possesses an instant transaction time. As soon as details inputted are verified, you would be able to access funds from the casino. Making withdrawals can take over 24 hours depending on the casino and financial institution used. A fee is attached to every transaction carried out via the platform. The fee is sent to the user as a text message or email after every transaction carried out.


In as much as there is money and personal information involved, the best security system is required. Every casino player knows how important each penny staked at a casino is to him or her and would in no way want to lose funds before staking or while trying to make withdrawals.

Zimpler made sure that wouldn’t happen by providing a top-notch security system with individuals piloting its activities on a 24/7 basis. The database is secured with an SSL encryption while the platform operates under the supervision of the FSA [Financial Service Authority]. No issue of data loss or cyber-attack has been recorded since its inception so you can rest assured that the security platform provided is top notch.

Customer Support

Having someone to listen to your complaints at any time during gameplay would definitely give you the superior gaming experience that you desire. Funds are delicate issues which can get complicated at any time making it almost impossible for players not to run into issues that would require a support team while making use a banking option.

Zimpler made it very easy for players to contact them at any time of the day with the 24 hours customer service they provide. You can access the helpline provided from anywhere in the world at any time. The helpline service would provide you with an immediate response while if you are to make use of the email service provided, you would receive feedback within 24 hours.


Zimpler is one of the few payment options that provides its services to a specific audience, most other options available online possess a vast horizon. As a gambler, it’s certain that you would like to be treated like a king by getting exclusive rights to certain amenities that most other people can’t access.

Zimpler possesses numerous eye-catching features such as placing limitations on your bankroll, giving you full rights to make a transaction via the platform as an anonymous, offering instant transaction time etc.

The most dominant complaint that most users have had about the platform is the fee attached to the transaction processes which can be seen as a necessity for the company to keep the platform running. Its certain that a lot of gamblers would find it easier to shy away from the platform they provide due to the limited experience that they have in the field when compared to other banking options but with the tremendous progress the site has had and the fast transaction time they have shown within the years its certain that Zimpler is one of the few options that gamblers wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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