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Online Casino Accepts Paypal USAFinding an online marketer who is not familiar with the services offered by PayPal would be very hard. Although you would find a lot of other options to carry out transactions online but the uniqueness attached to this platform can’t be found else were. Using this e-wallet to pilot your online affairs would offer instant access to funds. As popular and unique as the e-wallet seem, note that not all casinos offer players PayPal as a transaction option. But don’t get disheartened by that because you would find a lot of decent casinos offering the transaction method. Ranging from the creation of an account to how versatile the market it occupies, this review would bring it all to your doorstep, so sit back and enjoy a good read.

Online Casino Accepts Paypal

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About PayPal

Like every e-wallet available online, PayPal has an origin and a region that favours its services. An e-wallet was not the actual plan of the enterprise that created the platform. As its inception, it went with the name Confinity and was mainly based on creating security software but with the endless growth that came with the internet, the Confinity enterprise decided to venture into online payment services which was more lucrative at the time bringing about the invention of PayPal.

The PayPal venture was created 20 years ago, almost the same year as the popular e-wallet option Skrill. The American based company came with the sole intention of bringing a new aura to the way people pilot their online transaction. With the endless stress attached to making use of chequebooks and bank transfers, PayPal wanted a breath of fresh air in carrying out an online transaction. As of the time it might have been an illusion but after 19+ years online, it has helped the vast online market create a reliable way of transferring funds.

With only three years to its name, it was desperately in search of a big break which it got in 2002. eBay got a hold of the services offered by the enterprise and piloted most of their international activities via its platform giving it a bigger and wider market. The global giant then got the opportunity to provide a retail service with lots of other online firms. The reliability and easy to use interface that the platform possesses is evidently what makes it stand out from the rest.

PayPal can be used in making deposits and withdrawals to lots of online sites both as a payment option and as a banking system. The e-wallet was created in such a unique way that other users can send funds easily to the e-wallet without much transaction fee attached. Funds transferred to a PayPal account can stay there for up to 30 days before withdrawal. A lot of users have chosen its banking system over the typical banks available in a particular region due to the versatility it possesses.

How to Create a PayPal Account

Creating an account with the global giant can be done in a couple of minutes without much requirement. You don’t need to pay any fee to open an account with the platform. To create an account, click on the PayPal URL and follow the sign-up procedures. Signing up with the platform would require an email. The signup page contains a form that would require your personal details, you can sign up with the platform without linking a transaction method. Although you would require a payment method if you want to enjoy all the services it offers but that can be done at a later time. After signup, you would have to verify your email. Lots of options are available for customers to use in depositing funds to his or her account.

Possible Transactions

One of the major reason a lot of people seek an online transaction method is to carry out transactions in an online casino or betting site. PayPal is well aware of this fact and made their platform in such a way that it makes it easy for users to carry out different online activities at the same time. A lot of casinos offers players the e-wallet as a transaction option to either make deposits or withdrawal or to pilot both operations. Not all casinos provide the e-wallet as an option so you should try to check out the casinos that make use of the e-wallet before registering with any site.

Processing Deposit to Your Betting Account via PayPal

Making Deposits require an e-wallet account that has funds in it so you would have to link up your e-wallet account with your local bank account or any payment method before you would be able to carry out transactions. Making deposits can be done from the casino’s payment portal. Visit the casino of your choice that offers the e-wallet and chose the option. Input the necessary details and click proceed.

The funds would appear in your casino account as soon as it verifies the email and password provided. Depositing funds to your betting account would attract a transaction fee which would be deducted from the balance in your e-wallet. The transaction fee charged varies by what you are depositing into your casino account.

Transferring Funds from Your Gambling Account to PayPal

It’s certain that your main aim of deposits in a casino is to accumulate good returns with hopes of processing a withdrawal larger than what you deposited. To make a withdrawal after lady luck must have been by your side, you would need to log into the casinos’ withdrawal portal and chose PayPal as your mode of transaction. Making use of the e-wallet to withdraw funds would require your wallet credentials. The time it would take to finalise the transaction depends on the casino but have in mind that no matter how slow the casinos’ system is in processing withdrawal, it shouldn’t take over 5 business days. There are casinos that offer an instant processing time.


It’s obvious that a platform providing such quality to its users would offer something to keep them coming back for more. Users who make use of the platform to deposit funds to their casino account are liable to get an added bonus to the first deposit bonus offered by the gambling den. If you sign up with a gambling den and make use of the e-wallet to carry out your first deposit, you would get from five to 15% of what you deposited into your casino account depending on the casino. Note that it is advisable to read through the gambling’s den terms before making use of the bonus offered.


You would expect nothing less than the best security system available from a global giant like PayPal. The platform offers users a two-way authentication. You can secure your account via a pin or an SSL encryption. Keep in mind that no matter the type of authentication system you chose, there are support staffs monitoring all the activities going on in the platform on a 24/7 basis. The platform has shown that keeping your funds safe is their first priority by working with millions of customers for over 20 years without any report of data loss or cyber-attack.


Catering to their visitors and members in a very majestic way is one of the unique attributes that have brought the e-wallet company this far. A lot of users who were of the thought that their support system would be poor due to their versatility most time fall short of words after experiencing the remarkable support system they offer first hand. The company does not offer a 24 hours support service due to the difference in time zones. You can contact the payment portal to resolve all issues regarding funds via the message box.

There are specific hours set aside for users to contact their customer care via a live chat or toll-free service depending on your region. The support team operates for 18 hours from Monday to Friday while on weekends it operates for 16 hours. Contacting their customer service via an email is also very possible. To get a detailed data on the time in which their customer service is available, you can visit support at the website.

Why chose PayPal to Pilot your Casino Affairs?

The reasons why you should choose the e-wallet is endless while there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t. Although we never can tell, the few reasons why not too might take precedence over the reasons why you should, it all depends on you. The main attribute that a lot of players might have to want to shy away from this transaction method is due to the fee attached. Note that you won’t find a better e-wallet that would offer you such remarkable services at such low rates.

Talking about all the reasons you should choose PayPal would take the whole day but note that PayPal is the best online platform for making transaction internationally right now. The platform offers all sort of options that would certainly help you get a better gaming experience in the casino of your choice. There is a lot of other e-wallets that offer quality service to players but to get any international e-wallet with lots of exciting features like PayPal would take a while.

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