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Neteller Online CasinosEvery successful gambler knows how important funds are to getting the desired result. As far as you want to make the best out of your time spent at any gambling den, you must hold your funds in high regards.

The internet has made making deposits or withdrawal from your favourite casino very easy and affordable.

You don’t necessarily need to leave your comfort zone to pilot your transactions in a gambling den since the internet has made a lot of online payment methods possible.

Most online players must have heard of the name Neteller or might have even patronized the services it offers a couple of times. We would like to use this review to explain in details all the features Neteller offers and the impact it has had on online casino gaming.

About Neteller

Neteller is an online payment method that can be used in carrying out transactions online.

The e-wallet was created in 1999 by Optimal Payments PLC. The British company created the e-wallet as a payment method in Europe but with the dominative aura the internet brought along with it, Neteller grew to become an international e-wallet in no time.

With the continuous expansion the e-wallet was showing at the time, the company had to move its headquarters from Canada to the Isle of Man to help them cope with the endless expansion that was setting in.

Neteller has a very easy to navigate user interface which has made a lot of companies provide customers with the e-wallet it offers to carry out transactions.

Making use of Neteller to carry out transaction has become very rampant and is favoured by many especially casinos.
>Online Casino accept Neteller

Free eBook Neteller

How to Open a Neteller Account

Making use of the services provided by Neteller does not require any purchase of any sort, it’s absolutely free. To open an account with the transaction platform, you would have to click on the sites URL.

The homepage would offer you a variety of options to choose from, but as a beginner, the only option that would be viable to you at this point is the ‘’Join for Free” option.

Clicking on this portal would take you to a registration page where you would be required to fill in your personal details.

After filling all the details required from you, you would move to the next phase which requires verification. You might be thinking its verification of your personal documents but NO, it’s just an email verification although verifying your personal document might become necessary in the long run.

After verifying your email address you would need to register your account to a bank or credit/debit card depending on the means or method you which to fund your Neteller account from.

Apart from the regular card style of making deposits or withdrawal from your account, there are still a lot of options available for players to explore so you don’t need to worry about the transaction option that would suit your taste because Neteller surely has one for you.

Note that during registration you would be given an option to choose the currency that you would like your account to reflect all your transactions in.

Using Neteller in a Gaming Platform

You might be wondering how many casinos offer players the option of using the e-wallet to carry out transactions in their account.

It might come as a surprise but note that there are lots of gaming platforms that offer players the opportunity of using Neteller to process transactions, so you can be certain that you won’t have a limited casino to choose from.

There are a lot of international and local casinos offering its services to a lot of players in various regions which might not have access to the typical bank transfer or debit/credit card style of transaction prompting players to make the transaction via an e-wallet such as Neteller.

Some of these casinos offer the service to players as an option for depositing and withdrawing funds while some solely offer the e-wallet service to players for making either withdrawals or deposits.

You would easily find a lot of casinos that offer the service as a depositing method rather than a withdrawal because of the instant processing time it possesses when used to deposit funds to a casino.

Making Deposits via Neteller in a Casino

You would certainly have to create an account with your favourite gaming platform if you want to use this transaction option as a means of depositing funds.

If you already own an account with the gaming platform of your choice, all you need to do is to navigate the payment portal of the platform and click on the Neteller symbol that would be displayed there and check if the gambling den supports this method for carrying out transactions.

If the casino has no issues with this option, you would need to log in your e-wallet via the casinos’ transaction platform and enter the amount you would like to deposit. Your casino accounts would be credited instantly.

Making Withdrawals via Neteller in a Casino

Making withdrawal is a bit complicated compared to making deposits. To make a withdrawal via the e-wallet, you would need to register your e-wallet as a transaction option first in the gambling den after which you would be given access to use it as a withdrawal option also if the casino offers players the option of using Neteller for withdrawals.

To make a withdrawal via the withdrawal option provided, you would need to enter the amount that you would like to withdraw and click on the withdraw button offered.

Withdrawals have a longer turnout time compared to making deposits but if compared to the time lots of other e-wallets take to finalise transactions, you would love the service they offer.

Getting a better security insurance than what Optimal Payment provided for the players who make use of Neteller would be very hard. The e-wallet database is secured with an SSL encryption making sure no issue of data loss or cyber-attack arises.

Players are offered maximum discretion in all the activities they carry out while using Neteller.

When depositing or withdrawing from a casino, you don’t need to worry about the casino laying their hands on details you don’t want them to see because all your details are kept away from the casino.

The payment method you used in depositing funds into the casino is also kept at arm’s length from the casino.

Customer Care

You might run into one or two complications while making use of the services provided and would certainly require the presence of a customer care assistance. Although the first thought that comes into most players’ minds when carrying out the transaction via Neteller in a casino might be to contact the casinos’ support when issues of funds arise.

Keep in mind that the support you are to contact depends wholly at the issues at hand. If your transaction is taking longer than usual to process, you can expect a better outcome if you contact the support of the e-wallet company than that of the casino.

Contacting the Neteller support system can be done via a lot of methods. To get a quick and reliable response to your request or complaint, you can contact the support team via a toll-free service number available at the website.

An email is also available for users to drop a complaint to be attended to within a specific timeframe while you can also drop complaints and suggestions in the complaints or suggestions forms available at the website.

VIP Group

The thought of what an e-wallet VIP group would have to offer might have crossed your mind after hearing about the VIP available. The Neteller VIP group is not one you would like to miss out on.

The VIP offers players three packages to choose from. The best plan is the diamond while the next to it is platinum but if you don’t have much funds you can make do with the Gold.

Accessing any of their VIP packages would give you the privilege to a higher daily withdrawal limit, 24/7 live chat, personalised language, reward points, discounts of fees attached to deposits and withdrawal and lots more.

Why Chose Neteller?

After going through all what has been said about the services Neteller provides, few people might still have doubts as to why they should choose this service over the other payment options provided by most casinos.

One of the major reason you should use Neteller as your major banking option in a casino is due to the bonus potential is offers. Using Neteller would give you access to lots of bonuses and promotions offered in a casino.

A major issue a lot of players have complained of is the fees attached to carrying out transactions.

In as much as a lot of players would prefer to deposit or withdraw funds from a casino without giving a penny to anyone it’s important to consider the fact that the payment services are rendered by various companies who also need funds to pilot their affairs.

With an easy to use interface, 2 to 24 hours withdrawal time, instant deposit time, lots of transaction options, around the clock security and lots of bonuses available, you would certainly be missing out if you don’t use Neteller to pilot your casino banking affairs.

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