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How to Grab Maximum Benefits from the Casino Rewards VIP Programs

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Online Casino VIP ProgramOnline casino gambling is a perfect way for you to experience the best that the iGaming industry has to offer. With time, you find yourself developing a high affinity for certain types of casino games. You also find yourself signing up with a casino that offers games that enthral and keep you entertained. Eventually, you find yourself spending more time at this casino than you can actually keep count of. In other words, you have become a loyalist to this casino.

Casinos have a way of recognizing such loyal gamers which are as varied as the number of casinos available out there.

Let’s delve deeper to help understand what these VIP or loyalty programs are and how exactly they work. Loyalty programs are found everywhere, and not necessarily only in casinos. For instance, take that place you enjoy shopping. They have even given you a card to make your shopping experience more worthwhile.

Every time you shop, you earn points which cumulate over time. When you have accumulated a given number of these points, you are allowed to redeem this points for given items or a certain amount of money. The money acquired can then be spent on shopping or other giveaways which will differ according to the specific provider of the card.

In other words, the supply chain awards you bonus for spending you money at their store. The more you spend with them, the many the points you get and this means that you can shop more courtesy of the redeemed points.

That is exactly how the loyalty or VIP programs work. Take these VIP programs as some kind of reward scheme aimed at ensuring that regular and consistent punters are not treated as newbies by the respective casinos that they game at which they gamble. The programs have been around for as long as the casinos themselves.

One benefit of the VIP programs is that they can help you to offset your losses, especially when you have had a very disappointing day on the floor. Let’s face, things happen and even the gurus that frequently beat the house at its own game get tossed around once in a while.

The feeling of being bummed after a burning through $20 can be less impactful if, in the process, you earn $10 worth of free play. You suddenly feel excited, rejuvenated and want to give the game your best. It is as if you have been revitalized and a handed a new life!

Now that you understand how these loyalty, VIP or reward programs work, let us dive right into how you can become an instant beneficiary of the same.

Getting Signed Up

This is where it all begins, the moment you make the first real money deposit. Other casinos will require that the punter makes the first real money bet for them to become eligible to enrol in their VIP programs. Whatever the system is, the goal is to ensure that only serious punters enrol so that they reap the full benefits as time progresses.

For the offline casinos, there are a myriad of ways through which you can join and become a member of the VIP club. For instance, Treasure Island casino requires that you personally walk to their customer support desk and ask to be enjoined in this programs. Yet at other casinos, customer service agents will walk up to you and ask if you would like to be given a VIP card.

Other casinos reserve these programs for specific individuals. The criteria for selection of such individuals may be selected on the bases of how frequently they gamble or the amount of money that they deposit or place bets with at the casino. Usually, VIP casinos are not very complicated and hard to get into. They are also free and so if you find someone asking you to buy yourself in, do not think twice about taking off and never looking back.

How Do You Play and Collect the Points?

As already mentioned, getting enrolled in VIP programs is one the simplest procedures ever. You begin by signing, making the first real money deposit, start playing and there you go, points start coming your way. It is the software which the casinos uses that automatically and instantly awards you the points after you have joined the loyalty program.

Here is the closely guarded secret that you should know before you embark on becoming a prominent VIP member of your casino: Every game earns points differently, that is, the rates are never the same. Consequently, there are games that will give you more points and others less yet you have deposited the same amount of money or placed equal bets. For instance, since slots have some of the worst odds, they end up giving you high conversion rates as opposed to the likes of Blackjack, which have the best odds but handicapped conversion rates. By illustration, you may find that for every $1 you spend on the slots, you will be forced to spend $3 for Blackjack for you to get the same returns. So, it is very important that you select your games wisely to get the maximum number of points.

Bonuses and Promotions

The perks or rewards that you get varies depending on the specific casino. There are casinos that embrace the tiered system implying that you only reap the full benefits by moving into the highest available tier. The benefits include getting a personalized accounts manager, higher points, physical gifts, cashbacks, match bonuses, holidays and vacations, invitation to exclusive events, higher deposit limits and the list is endless.

Everything boils down back to you. As you gamble, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labour by enrolling into VIP programs so that you are treated with the respect that you deserve. Remember to first do your homework well of selecting the casino that will make another home for you. The casino that offers the most lucrative and attractive bonuses should carry the day.

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