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Planet Zodiac Slot Review (SkillOnNet)

planet zodiac slot

The Planet Zodiac is an astrology online slot that allows players to use their zodiac signs to their advantage and make some cool cash in the process.

With Mercury in retrograde, there is some sort of frenzy where we appear totally fine one minute and everything turns upside down the next. Before we know it, we begin crying for blood and depend on the zodiac or star signs to bail us out.

What happens in a situation where our star signs can do more? What if they can make us so much money than we ever expected? Having all these coming to past will get not just us but also our families and friends super excited.

The planet Zodiac Slot comes in 5 reels and 10 pay lines. For every gamer that is a huge fan of stars and the zodiac, this game is one to leave a long and lasting impression. Although the game play itself might not be everything you expect to meet, its payout also might not blow your mind away. Despite its seemingly shortcomings, it is a game that will be worth every single second you spend on it.

Placing of Bets

The moment your title gets loaded on the game, you are provided with several ways with which you can set the amount of cash you want to play with. All of these settings can be found at the bottom of your game screen right beneath the reels.

A monetary value of 0.02 is provide for players to start off the game with, this amount can be increased to a maximum value of 1 credit. The moment this happens, you have to go over to your settings and set up how many coins you want to use for each pay line.

In case this isn’t clear enough, what it simply means is that you are to determine how much each coin is worth. For instance, if there are 5 coins on each of the 10 lines that are worth 1 credit, that means you have 50 to play with. In a situation where you can’t handle this yourself, the Max Button software is always there to help.

There is no laid down rule that states you have to play with all the pay lines. However, it is recommended you do as this brings even more fun to the table.

Money and Gameplay on Planet Zodiac

Most of the time, everything revolves around money. With this slot machine, you can win as much as 5000. Throughout the whole game, there are just 8 icons. This might lead to the question of where the remaining zodiacs are.

Different rewards come with different matches; for 25 credits, you have to get 3 Virgo symbols. To get a thousand credits, you need to put together 5 Virgo symbols.

There is no scatter symbol on this game which makes the wild dispose every other symbol except itself. It does this every single time it makes an appearance. In addition, it also triggers a free game once it lands on the 4th, 3rd and 2nd reels respectively. There is an expansion and domination of that column the moment this occurs and in the process, freezing continues.

When it is over, the remaining free reels are left to spin. When another wild pops up on any one of the remaining reels, you get rewarded with another free spin.

Planet Zodiac Slots Attack

This game comes across as an amazing one that should keep you glued, especially with its design and sound. However, it falls short of expectations. All hope is not lost though as it has a jackpot that is definitely worth your time.

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