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As the live dealer games that you’ll find in online casinos become an integral part of the casino world recently, they have been in existence for quite a long time, and several companies have been developing their reputation for several years now. Visionary iGaming is one of the developers, a company that started operating as far back as 2008. From their Costa Rica home, the studio gives gaming experiences of great quality for a couple of the top casino brands in the world with a fun atmosphere and lively dealers made to increase the entertainment value.

Simultaneously, saying these games aren’t the most technically or visually impressive live streams that you can find on the internet these days is quite fair. This is because a couple of their competitors started innovating games that threaten the relevance of Visionary. But this company is still one of the most popular ones in the live dealer segment, with lots to give those searching for a trusted and dependable provider that has lots of experience.

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A Standard Selection of Game

In Visionary iGaming, there aren’t any known holes in their selection of games, but they just stick to the basics and cover what we can call the Big three, which are roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. It is a suit that’s not big on a variety of brands, but one that’s sufficient for almost all casinos that only want a live gaming presence on their websites.

As stated earlier, the games’ presentation is not very impressive. You can view the action through a live stream that’s positioned generally near the screen’s top center. The video has a quite lesser revolution than what several other live platforms provide these days. You can play it sufficiently, but if you’ve got bad eyesight, there’s a tendency that you’ll require looking a bit closed so you can see the cards. For alleviation of this issue, they have visual indicators of the hand score for Blackjack.

Well, on the better side, the aspects of this experience that’s more social haven’t been ignored here. There’s an encouragement of conversation between players. They also have friendly dealers who are ready to interact with gamers at any possible time while they maintain a steady professional feel and pace of play. It also has a user interface that’s cool to use, even if it does not have a flashy look like you’d expect because of the industry standards these days.

When it comes to the games themselves, let us begin by checking out its Blackjack offerings. Its standard version is multiplayer and has Severn seats. It features the standard American rules, and it’s dealt out of a 6-deck shoe. If you are searching for something quite different, they also provide a variant known as a common draw, whereby a limitless number of gamers can play, but do so while they share a common hand. The version here is known as Early Payout because the hand of the player will constantly make the right basic technique play. Nevertheless, gamers can freely buy out of this hand anytime at a rate that’s calculated and shown to you on screen. It’s quite the same as the regular bets; just the payouts aren’t the same. If the hands favor you, then you’ll likely earn a profit while you opt-out of the remaining action.

Similarly, they’ve got 2 different baccarat variants for anybody that would like to play this game for high-rollers. One hand is dealt at every table, but a limitless number of gamers can participate. Alongside the standard player, banker, and tie bets (that pay 8-1), they have some side bets: one that provides betting on either the Banker, player, or both will get dealt one pair and also the famous “Dragon” side bet.

Visionary alternatively provides another variant of this game known as Super 6 Baccarat. Nevertheless, you likely know this commonly as the no commission version. It’s called that because truly even money is now paid by Banker bets without the normal 5% commission from your end. The house instead makes its advantage on the fact that anytime the banker’s hand wins when a precise score of six, the payout is just 1-2 (or 0.5 dollars on a 1 dollar bet).

This game also has 2 roulette versions, and one also has a little bit of twist. Initially, there’s European roulette that’s implemented in a good standard, with the allowance of every normal bet and the usage of a single zero wheel. The American roulette game is an alternative to this, as it’s the one you will deal with a double 0 layout.

This game’s American variant is way worse compared to the European one, which makes it easy for players to pick it anytime they’re choosing between both games. Nevertheless, that isn’t the case here because they’ve enhanced the payouts to compensate for the added 0. The enhanced payouts are substantial for making this hand better than the European roulette, either you believe or not. The house edge of the standard bets is 2.42 percent lesser compared to the standard 2.70% edge on its European variant. It isn’t surprising that not every website provides this game, but it’s an excellent option for those who play Roulette if it’s available.