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Netbank | Guides for usage

Nordea casinoA detailed review of Nordea Casino online payment service, locations in which the service is usable, The mechanism behind Nordea payment solutions, deposit & withdrawal Guideline with Nordea’s online payment solution, Netbank Credit. & Mobile Bank App with Nordea

When listing the banks best in a class all through Europe, it’s incomplete without mentioning Nordea Bank AB. Nordea Bank AB provides a great variety of finance-related software & banking solutions to many patrons in Russia, Scandinavia, & Baltic parts of the continents. The bank has its headquarters in Stockholm. Nordea offers its patrons several banking methods, ranging from online payment solutions to credit cards.

Currently, the Nordic bank extends its services to more extensive locations, comprising of America, Singapore, & Poland. This banking server has taken root to be one of the calibers of most-preferred banking solutions all over the universe.

Besides, the firm becomes famous among betting aficionados majorly in Finland, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark, owing to its topmost security & credence against small-scale financial institutions & other brands offering banking solutions. At present, so many renown online casino sites providing a broader selection of banking solutions consider offering Nordea’s online payment solution.

When it comes to making transactions, users can apply Nordea in various means for online bet-related gaming. Nordea put forward Visa & MasterCard, quite popular across many online casino sites, as payment processor services. Meanwhile, Nordea online financial solutions, also known as Netbank, continue to gain acceptance due to its verifiable security measures to use “Access Codes.” Though Nordea financial services are available across foreign locations, functioning as a casino baking option. Netbank is provided majorly by casinos operating across Nordic regions.

Authorized regions: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, & Norway

  • Web address:
  • Approved by more than 25 Online gambling operators
  • For Deposit: Available
  • For cash-out: Not Available
  • Yearly charges: None
  • Nordea Credit range: €1,000-5,000
  • Live Chat: Available
  • Email

Mobile call;

  • Finland: +358 200 3000
  • Norway: + 47 232 06001
  • Denmark: +45 70 33 33 33
  • Sweden: +46 771 22 44 88

The mechanism behind Nordea payment solutions

The label given to Nordea payment solutions is Netbank, though it’s the online payment mode. Once you have an account with any of the banks across the Nordea server, you can enjoy the services of Netbank. This banking solution fosters online deposits through users’ bank accounts forwarded to different online dealers, likewise casino sites.

As soon as you apply for a Netbank account, you’ll get an Access code from your bank. This Access Code includes your credentials like username & a password, and a security passkey that’s usable once to authenticate every transaction.

The payment process works with an authentication code that operates just as electronic initials & grants approval to every payment request. You can generate the Access Code through a card reader, though there’s an alternative to get a real card while displaying the codes in prints determined by the region you reside in. Usually, the real cards display 80 codes. As soon as the user exhaust 60 of these codes, you can get a different card with new codes written on it.

Netbank transactions attract no charges, its swift, & very safe. The application of one-time security codes guarantees a 100% safe payment process.

Deposit Guideline with Nordea’s online payment solution

It’s easy to make payment to online casino sites through Netbank, regardless of the multiplex security network employed in the process. Suppose you’re ready to use this service to deposit. You have to select any of Netbank or Nordea provided in the list at the gambling operator’s payment segment.

You’ll then get diverted to Netbank sign-in interface, which you can sign-in with the Access Code or any other log-in details demanded from the server. Users who reside in Norway will be required to fill in an 11-digit NIN, whereas those from Sweden will have to present their Identity & Response Code.

Next, select the value you intend to deposit & confirm the transaction details provided. While you apply the authorization code sent, the server can instantly approve the transaction & the payment process. The money then appears in your balance, which you can use immediately. Note that this service does not apply fees for Deposit.

Withdrawal Guideline with Nordea’s online payment solution

Lamentably, Netbank is not usable for cash-out requests at online casinos. There are other payment options like wire transfer required if you intend to transfer your money to your Nordea bank account.

Netbank Credit | Mastercard

Many of the credit cards made available through Netbank is MasterCard. As a result, Netbank credit service has the support of every online casino site offering MasterCard. Before you can apply for a transaction with Netbank Credit, it’s required for the operator to feature any Debit/Credit Cards or MasterCard among their payment options.

After that, fill in the card details – i.e., the expiration date & card number, including the user’s name, though it’s left to the user’s choice. Lastly is the 3-digit “Card Verification Value” code in prints at the back of the card.

Right after you can authenticate the payment, you’ll have the money forwarded immediately to the casino. It’s a suitable method provided there’s no available online casino offering Nordea Netbank solution. Since online players generally use MasterCards, it’s easy to get so many online casino sites that you can pay with Nordea Credit.

Once you are with an Access Codes to apply for payments through Netbank, you’re free to select a PIN code to apply for the Nordea Credit card. Besides, there’s an alternative to select any picture of yours to be reproduced on the card.

Mobile Bank App with Nordea

Amazingly, if you’re a fan of Nordea, you can install the mobile app of Nordea right there on your smartphone. This Netbank application enables you to carry out online transactions without stress on smartphones, verify account balances on your bank account, or weigh up several currencies.

With this app, casino players based in Nordic parts of the continents can deposit money to their gaming accounts via mobile devices. Indeed, you can only achieve this by applying the Access codes provided to everybody operating a Nordea bank account.

Assuming you apply for payments through Nordea, you can access your account & funds at any time of your choice. It enables you to deposit, monitor the remaining sum in your account, handle your cards with just a few clicks on your mobile gadgets.

Thumbs up to Nordea’s mobile application, players can watch over their money, credits & reserves at any point in time, likewise on the go. You can also use a new feature to strengthen your security level while making payment via the Nordea application. If you’re accustomed to mobile devices, you can sign-in to your Nordea account aided by the pulp of finger, though it’s allowed as soon as you sign-in with your mobile Bank credentials in any case at one time.

Peradventure, you have access to the mobile app of Nordea, then you can handle your cards, including fees, levied on these cards.

Among the most significant benefit of Nordea is its Access Codes that can assure a topmost security level. Most players find it uncomfortable to resort to a real card or card reader before accessing the codes. Appreciably, the service features a Nordea Code Application that offers players access to codes. Thus, you can make yourself known for verification & finish up any payment application you’re working on through Nordea.

There’s no stress whatsoever with Nordea Codes App since you don’t need to move along with a card & there’s no limit to the codes you can access. The mobile application is compatible with use on Apple, Windows, & Android gadgets. You can gain access to it on Nordea’s formal site & install it on any of your mobile gadgets.

Safety Measures

The payment transfer process applied via Nordea is very safe. Among casino enthusiasts, they acknowledge Netbank to be among the securest banking methods due to the Access Codes’ topmost security measures– you can prompt out each one-time access code differently & it’s usable for just a single transaction.

Besides, every payment transfer applied via Netbank server operates under (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Hence, any identity & financial info is secret between the applicant & the financial institution involved. As soon as the user is out of use for up to 15 minutes, Netbank ends all open sessions to guarantee more security.

There is no way users of these Netbank services will be required to fill in their IDs. It’s only released only for cases of a fairer payment solution. You’re then pretty confident that using Nordea’s banking services, each of your funds & private data is intact & appropriately kept safe.

Assuming you’re applying with Nordea Code Application, try as much as not to disclose the PIN code to anyone. Let’s say you forget the PIN code; you can’t try beyond five consecutive times, or else the mobile application gets locked for about a day.

Also, Nordea Credit offers a package tagged “Product Safety Insurance” that keeps advancing safety measures for users who buy stuff with credit cards.


Be aware that you’d pay specific processing charges, quite familiar with many credit/debits cards. Perhaps you make transfers involving an international currency; you’ll pay up 2% fees for each transaction.

You can select from a range of €1,000 & €5,000 specified by the provider’s credit limit. For more convivence, users can apply for Nordea Credit as a contactless card to make payments not up to €25. As of June 2018, the yearly percentage rate, computed on credit worth €1,500, is valued at 13.2%. The rate applies to Package users.

Any bearers of Nordea Credit no need to pay up charges every month or year. Besides, you’ll pay up extra fees of €3, levied monthly, covering up for the account administration service.

One of this server’s great benefits is that users no longer need to pay any charges while making payment using Nordea’s online payment solution.


The safety edge makes up one of the ultimate benefits while you use this payment method. For scenarios of fake & snatched IDs, that’s common with another payment network; it’s virtually unachievable with the Nordea payment solution, provided that you don’t disclose your Access Codes to anybody. Besides, online gamers can be safe while they use Nordea’s mobile application & because it uses similar stringent safety measures & also enables you sign-in to your account with thumbprints.

No demand for processing charges. Also, there’s an opportunity for players that select Netbank as their deposit option at any of their favorite casino sites, can work up with a friendly payment interface, i.e., their online bank account.

Deposits carried out by Nordea delivers instantly & you don’t have to queue to carry out real-money wager across any online casino sites. It’s quite incredible for anyone willing to wager on the web & thinking with much regard for a rapid deposit service.

Thumbs up to the customized Nordea’s mobile app; you can pay up your bills through mobile phones. The app works smoothly on any Apple & Android gadgets to make rapid & safe payments across many gambling operators’ sites that offer Netbank servers.

Just as Nordea operates in line with MasterCards, players can deposit funds to their account via Nordea Credit with a similar experience to MasterCard.

Regardless of other Access Codes, you can’t by any means encounter hurdles while applying for payments transfer through Netbank.

With Netbank payment services, users can top up their accounts to any online casino of their discretion with their bank account. Using your bank account guarantees a reasonable level of safe transactions.

At any time, you have issues while using the Netbank server or its mobile app, provisions are made available to get in touch with the firm assistant services. You can get a response to your inquiries quickly. The site is accessible in a different language; Norwegian, English, Swedish, Finnish, & Danish.


Presently, the Nordea payment service is available for use in over ten parts of the continents. Meanwhile, gambling operators offer Netbank for players to top-up their account, but it’s only available to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, & Finland. As a result, only online casino sites that admit players from the countries mentioned above can conduct transactions via Nordea Netbank. Even though you have an encounter with a befitting online casino, there’s a tendency that such casino is yet to feature Netbank among its list of approved banking services.

Also, Nordea does not work for cash-out requests, as you have to seek other measures.

Nordea requires users to fill in their banking information, though it can be somehow unsafe; perhaps the site you have your casino game is not well-known. Those that go by Nordea Credit to make payments at online casino sites have no other choice than to release information contained in their card. It can be unsafe by releasing this kind of private information with a disreputable site.


Together with its different banking services and online providers “Netbank,” Nordea is conducive, swift & promotes a safe method for players in Nordic to deposit funds to their accounts. Its gains recognition for its prompt payment delivery, no-fees system.

Possibly, you can find it hard to get an online casino that features Netbank. Meanwhile, there’s an alternative to use Nordea Credit card, as it also swift & safe fur use.

Despite the flip sides, Nordea payment solutions are very conducive to many casino fans.