Litecoin Casino

Litecoin Casino – Best Online Casinos That Accept Litecoin Payment Method (2021)

Litecoin Casino

Review on the Online Casino that Recognizes Litecoin

This is another kind of online cryptocurrency that makes use of the Blockchain technology, it’s operation is very much like that of Bitcoin.

The usage of the coin is now undergoing a steady increase. In this review, we have taken our time to discuss the online casino that recognizes this as an option with the inclusion of steps to which you can make a deposit and as well withdraw your cash. The benefits of making use of the Litecoin is because it’s cheaper and it is 4x faster

Best Litecoin Casinos

Players trying to get an online casino that recognizes Ethereum as a payment method should do well to visit Bitstarz, MrBIT Casino, PlayAmo Casino. These are the casinos that will recommend as the top ones that recognizes the usage of Litecoin

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As a payment method

People that are not familiar with the method of making cryptocurrency as a payment method may probably not know how to use the Litecoin. You don’t have to get yourself worried about this, we have made provision for some steps in which you can take to successfully carry out your deposit. One of the best thing for you to do is to get a coin wallet after then you can get an exchange to buy your coin

Choose a Litecoin Wallet

  • All you need to do is to select a trustworthy wallet to keep your coin secured. The wallets you can make use of include Coinomi, Loafwallet, and Electrum
  • Here you are to get your Litecoin from a good exchange. Some casinos recommends coin base,, and
  • Get an online casino that recognizes Ethereum as a method of making payment. Sign up on this particular casino and do not forget to make the confirmation
  • When you log in to the selected online casino. Go to the cashier and select Litecoin as your payment method. You can transfer the Litecoin right from your wallet to the selected online casino. The maximum amount of time that the deposit can take is 2 hours, but in most cases, it’s done within few minutes
  • Since you already selected Litecoin as the payment method, understand the fact that that you will comply with the wagering requirement given on each of the casino. The coupon code can be emailed in the activation of your bonuses. All you have to do at this aspect is to contact the support service

Making Withdrawals on the Online Casino

It’s quite simple to make withdrawals on the online casino, all that is needed is for you to follow some steps

  • Go to the cashier section and tap on the withdrawal button
  • Select Litecoin as the requested method for your payout. If you check the amount box, just select the particular amount you wish to withdraw
  • What you are to do next is to fill in the address so that you can get the necessary instructions. The payout request is going to need verification. All you need to do is to make confirmation either through the phone or email
  • Lastly, you will have to select Submit for you to confirm and ensure that the withdrawal process had begun. All money will be provided in your wallet frame within 48 hours, and the appearance is always made within 2 hours

How to choose a casino

In the selection of a casino that recognizes Litecoin as a payment method. It is a must for you to consider the limitations placed on the deposit and withdrawal of that particular casino. Consider how swift the transactions are, and the ability to effectively handle your transaction whether it’s a large or small one

It is very important to consider the promotional bonuses given to the players. Most importantly, you have to consider their gallery and how see how interesting the games are. Now let us enumerate the factors to be considered


Players who are willing to select an online casino that recognizes Litecoin as a payment method can do well by checking the deposit limit offered. If such player is comfortable with it, then they can decide to join


Also, try and carry out proper check on the minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw, if you are satisfied with the particular amount then you can go on to invest your time and money

Exchanges Accepted

You should reach out to the online casinos so that you can make your findings and figure out if their support is given to some exchanges

Wallets Accepted

On this particular one too, you will need to check out if the casino supports a Litecoin wallets before joining. Majority of the online casino seems helpful, and they are going to give you a straightforward answer as quick as possible

Selection of Games

This is another very important aspect, we will like to know if it recognizes Litecoin as a payment method for a particular kind of game you wish to play


The rate at which online casinos that have mobile-compatibility grow is very fast. For you to know about the mobile-friendly casino that accepts Litecoin, do well by contacting the casino


You need to check the support service and figure out if it works for 24/7. The Litecoin is used such that you will never be caught out

Crypto-Currency Bonuses

Almost every player loves to enjoy bonuses, and majority of the casino now offer some bonuses on crypto-currency

The reason why you are to use an online casino that makes use of Litecoin

Just like some other payment methods online, Litecoin has its pros and cons. One of the major challenges that you are going to face is the scarcity of sites that recognizes crypto as a payment method

Benefits derived from making use of Litecoin

  • The coin is relatively cheap and affordable. The highest value that Litecoin has had so far is $360.93. This is quite affordable compared to the value of Bitcoin which can be $18,0000. The value of Litecoin rose from $4 to $360 within a year
  • All transactions carried out are safe, private and secured. The very reason why people prefer to use the blockchain payment is due to its anonymity, security, transparency, and safety. Your anonymity will make you to be secured against people that are always looking for a way to steal people’s information
  • This method is not tied to a bank. The value is always determined by its current trading value on the exchanges such as Coinbase, OKEx, Bitfinex, and GDAX
  • The transactions are 4x faster compare to making us of Bitcoin

Having listed the advantages, the majority of the players will want to consider making use of crypto as a deposit, but then they may be worried about how Bitcoin loses value so easily. The worry is because the design was made just like Bitcoins, but the fact is that Litecoin is still safe compared to some other coin

As things stand, the only challenge faced is that majority of the online casino still consider Litecoin as being upcoming compare to the Ethereum and Bitcoin

Games that can be played using this method

Reasonable amount of games are made available for players that makes use of this particular payment method. The games that can be enjoyed include Craps, Roulette, Keno, Blackjack, Video Poker and Baccarat

Brief History

Litecoin was invented by Charlie Lee in 2011. He is a computer scientist and an MIT graduate that has previously worked for Coinbase and Google. In 2017, Charlie Lee sold his Litecoin holdings in December 2017, such that conflict of interest will be avoided.

Bobby Lee who happens to be Charlie’s brother heads the Hong Kong Bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong. Although Charlie said that he is not intending to create a competition with Bitcoin, but he has taken his time to come up with the LTC while he was still working with Google

In 2013, Charlie left Google for Coinbase, and at that very year, the Litecoin was launched. As of 2015, the market capitalization of Litecoin has reached $1 billion. As Charlie heads the development team for the coin base, he experimented on the segregated witness protocol, and a lightning transaction was processed. In 2017, this safeguard was adopted by Litecoin, and same was as well done by Bitcoin later

Growing Popularity

The reason why most of the digital consumer prefer to use Litecoin is due to its fast transfer process. The value of Litecoin is gotten when the marketing liquidity and scarcity are combined. Theoretically, there is every possibility to reach 84 million LTC. So far the amount of LTC that has been mined is 53 and there is still room for sustainable growth in the crypto world

Are you meant to use Litecoin on Casinos?

Of course, you can, it is a well-known cryptocurrency recognized by most of the casinos in the United States. The process seems faster and cheaper compared to Bitcoin. The transaction offered by is anonymous such that you don’t have to drop any of your details

How does the deposit work?

All you need to do is to get a wallet that will house your funds. The ones you can use include Loafwallet, Coinomi, and Electrum. After then you will get the coins at the exchange such as coin base or Bitstamp. Get to your preferred online casino then select the deposit using this method

Is it Safe?

When making use of Litecoin, understand the fact that you are making use of cryptocurrency. This kind of method provides transparency, security, and privacy. For each of the transaction made, there is anonymity as you will not have to drop any of your details

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