Klarna Casinos

KLARNA CASINOS – Best 5 Online Casinos that Accept Klarna

Klarna Casinos

Klarna Casinos are the online casinos that accept the use of Klarna as a means of making payment into the casino accounts and withdrawing from it. It is an online payment method that was established in 2005 and it is located in Sweden.

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About Klarna Casinos

At online casinos, players make transactions using online payment methods and one of the famous method is Klarna. It is a company that is located in Sweden and it has started gaining a lot of recognitions among players. You can use it to deposit into your casino accounts straight from your bank without any delay. It also a secure means of making online transactions such that you can select the option in which you will pay after getting your package. This payment method is not like the other payment methods because you can use it purchase goods online and pay after the goods have been delivered. There are lot of things that this payment methods offer to users and we are going to look into it one after the other. In 2005, Klarna was established and since its establishment it has make transacting online easy, safe, and secure for users. Although the company started in Sweden but it has enlarged its coast after partnering Sofort which also an online payment method that is popularly used in Germany. As at now some of the countries where Klarna have extended to include:

  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Finland, etc.

As at today, when mentioning the biggest banks in Europe Klarna will be among. After acquiring various companies from different part of the world and it has expanded to a big financial institution. Its presence is in fourteen countries and used by about sixty million people. Due to all the advantages users derived from using it helps the company in securing its clients. The company make used of advanced and modern technology in making sure there is efficient security and safety for the users. In 2015, it became an acceptable online payment method in the United States. Also, various online casinos allow the use of Klarna in depositing into their casino accounts. It is now used in various online gambling organizations to make payments.

Ways of Using Klarna

The working principle of Klarna is similar to other online payment methods. You will be able to deposit money into your casino account directly from your bank account. When using this method, the transaction will be carried out immediately. There will be no need to wait for certain period of time. Also, when you are using this form of payment there will be minimal risk in terms of your details being stolen because it uses advance technology. All you need is to look for an online casino that support its usage as a payment method and you can start gambling with real money.

As earlier stated, this payment method is different from other methods in such a way that not all its products can be used to gamble online. You cannot deposit into your casino account with the instalments plan and billing option of Klarna. Whereas the last option can be used to make payments into your casino account and can be used in place of Giropay or Trustly. What makes Klarna different from the two is that it can be used by many players since it is supported in many countries than the other two. Also, you can carry out transaction with multiple currencies and they include the following:

  • AUD
  • USD
  • EUR
  • CHF
  • SEK
  • GBP
  • NOK
  • DKK

Klarna Billing Option

With this option you will be able to buy things online and make payment after they have been delivered. This option makes it easy for people to make purchase without paying at the moment with the hope of having the money after one or two weeks. The deadline you will be given to pay will be from fourteen to thirty days. The exact days will depend on the store you ordered the goods from. No interest or extra fees will be required for this transaction. Many clients used this option whenever they do not have money at the moment or they prefer testing what they bought before paying. When the goods delivered at defective it will easier for you to return them and you will not need to pay any longer. However, before you can benefit from this option you must have opened an account with Klarna. Check it out on their site and you will be asked to provide your personal information. Some of things that will required of you include;

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Bank account, and so on.

It will only take you a few minutes to set up your account and you can start ordering for things online. However, you can only use it at store that support this form of payment. This option is immediate, safe and secure such that your bank details will not be disclosed to the store you are purchasing from. Because of the fact that you will not pay immediately made this option a risky one for stores or merchants thus, the reason why it is not allowed to be used in gambling.

Klarna Monthly Installments

This method is similar to the use of cards that you will be given after applying for it once you have created your Klarna account. Also, this option does not support gambling it can only be used to shop online. When you want to buy an expensive item it and you do not have all the money it is advisable to use this method. However, only those that have been approved can use this plan. Before you can get approval you must have purchased an item that worth at least two hundred euros. No interest will be added into your installment payments. If you did not meet up with the deadline the offer will be nullified and you will need to pay additional fee as interest.

Klarna Instant Bank Transfer

Instant bank transfer is another option that Klarna offers its customers. You can transfer directly from your bank to the destination of your choice. This payment method is supported for gambling. You can use it to deposit into your casino account and play the game of your choice. However, the payment method is not acceptable in all the countries of the world. Since Klarna have acquired Sofort therefore, if you see Sofort on the casino page you should know that it is Klarna. When you are using this method, you will not need to provide your bank details to the casino. It will also ease means of transaction since after the first transaction you will not be asked to supply your details again before you can make it. Another advantage of using this method to deposit into your casino account is that it is carried out immediately unlike when you are transferring directly from your bank that may take time. Check out the online casinos that support Sofort and start gambling with real money.

How to Withdraw from Online Casinos with Klarna

You can also withdraw your earnings from the casino using Sofort. You will follow the same processes you used in depositing. Go to the cashier page of the casino and select Sofort as your withdrawing option. Then you will required to provide details of your accounts that you created with Klarna. You should note that any time you come across Sofort at any online casino it is also Klarna. When you are withdrawing with this method you may need to wait for two to three working days for the process to be complete. No fee will be deducted for the transaction although the bank you are transferring to may charge a fee.

Secure and Safe Option

When you are searching for one of the safest means by which you can make transactions online then you should go for Klarna. The security of the users is paramount to the company such that they make use of the advanced technology to safeguard the details of the users and protect their accounts. When you are using Klarna to fund your casino account it is not necessary you have an account with the company. This will also help in preventing your details from being shared with third parties. This also make it different from some online payment methods that will require all your details. But, Klarna has ensured that it is only minimal information about the players that is required.