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kiron interactive casinoKiron Interactive got established around the year 2001 being an innovator of web-based live Sports & racecourse games. Right from their arrival in the industry, the firm in no time turns out to be among the giants in the live sports category.

Kiron Interactive secures several accreditations which enable the firm to perform across various regions & neighborhoods. The licensing authority includes MGA, which approves its accessibility across Europe. This developer’s casino games undergo tests & approvals under Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), & delivered to live casinos as a handled service or by an accreditation.

This provider delivers online casinos broad-ranging collections of agencies comprising of, online, hand-held, home-based branch, spacecraft transmission, & game sites.

The whole of its live games gets innovated to blend perfectly into the administration & director’s database network. Perhaps you have intentions to approve your online casino services; you can seek the consent of Kiron’s propriety, RGS corporations & BetMan bet control services.

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Specifics about Kiron Interactive

  • Company Identity: Kiron Interactive
  • Location: 26 Baker Street Rosebank 2196 Johannesburg
  • Site Address:
  • Number of Games: fifty
  • Year of arrival: 2001
  • Mobile connect: +2711 032 7800
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Availability: Johannesburg, South Africa

Historical Background of Kiron Interactive Games

Presently, this developer staff’s professional squads of more than fifty-five well-versed casino software’s innovators, which consists of system innovators, graphics designers, & drafting technicians with an enthusiasm, proficiency, & abilities to create exceptional casino games.

Kiron initiates its gaming pursuits through delivering its first, matchless online live racecourse game refers to Turfmaster.


This game provides casino gamers the opportunity to turn out to be a live racetrack coach operating fixed online horse tracks such that the individual can engage in racing versus the rest of players to earn real-funds. As the moment, this game marks as this developer’s outstanding, more recent casino games ever.

Around the year 2003, this game sector exceptional high-tech allowed Kiron to create its first-ever online racetrack gambling assortments, which enables casino gamesters to bets across live racetracks.

Around the year 2005, Kiron created its Random Number Generator centered fixed odds bets system, which allows approving its prompt winnings race tracks games to punters. This developer forges ahead to take advantage of immense achievement in the live sports category, & as of the year 2008, the firm already created a market games supply & acquired an accreditation through GLI to offer to game platforms.

This developer thereby directs audiences in offering technically improved systems, providing live assortments of online sports fixtures. Kiron games focus on online gambling centers that desire to recognize their varieties & develop more their present income sources.

At present, Kiron presents among the most considerable variants of online sports fixtures. Likewise, a mix of their external games through their renowned affiliates gets included in the portfolio to open up more options for players to make selections.

Kiron Games Store

Right from the year 2001, this provider maintains a steady distribution of has been supplying virtual live casinos alongside exceptional collections of live sports games.

The world recognition & achievements of these developer’s games alongside prestige casino & bookies firms across several regions all over the world already became a giant across the sector. The following includes among its significant games niche

Live Sports Games

Kiron provides online game centers with assorted catalogs of online sports. This developer’s live sports games appear in the form of fixtures video broadcast & gambling statistics (sports fixtures graphics & gamble markets, odds, & results) in a wide-range High definition Visuals.

Kiron provider adopts excellent CGI High-tech, & operate across a perfect mechanical system which provides accelerated online sports fixtures, presenting the dynamism of their web-based sports games towards their superb essentials. Also, &ascertaining that their visibly stimulating & intriguing deliveries are made available to their members based on their intentions.

This provider’s social online sports offerings provide exceptional quality bets possibly to customize subject to the player’s requirement & more so limited to the specialized market.

Kiron offers broad assortments of web-based sports games comprising of 17 online sports games. Several games are available connected to the rest of affiliates; online sports by VSoftCo, table tennis, badders, car race, spaceship, among others.

Number Games

Kiron exhibits a broad range of number games comprising of Keno Games, Racecourse Roulette, Spin & Win, in expectance Lotto’s games. The Keno Games enables gamers the opportunity to acquire incredible jackpots by pairing ten figures via a probability draw of 20 numbers.

With the enchanting sound & visuals, the games indeed delight players & make them stick to the game for extended durations. Alternative Number Game includes Spin & Win, considered as an accelerated game subject to usual roulette, which utilizes a visibly enhanced reel. Furthermore, Racing Roulette can provide players with a fresh online gambling encounter.

Prompt Winning Games

Prompt Winning Games by this game developer provides incredible Dashing Derby & Platinum Hounds.

Dashing Derby

Dashing Derby gets offered as required. However, it’s a horse racecourse gambling available across online gambling games, allowing gamesters to set various stakes at nonadjustable odds across the outcomes of prompt online race tracks.

Others include Platinum Hounds, considered to be small-buses racecourses gambling game available, allowing gamers to set various bets at nonadjustable odds across the outcomes of prompt live races.

RaceDay offers incredible assortments of live racetracks games, which compensate ap players dedications, steadiness, & frequent deposits.