Games of Chance & the House Edge


games of chance ideasThere are a lot of intricacies attached to gaming at a casino. A lot of players fancy the fun attached to gambling with a friend or foe than gaming with a casino due to the system used in running all the activities being carried out in the gaming platform. Casino gaming is a game of chance that can favour anybody at any time, when we say chance we don’t mean luck, there is every possibility that the gaming platform would at times offer you odds that would favour you while at other times, you would have to endure the pain of walking home empty-handed.

A lot of gamblers have always asked this question ‘’ in a gaming platform, which players are the most favoured, the casino or the gambler?” in as much as a lot of players ignore the fact that the casino is also gambling we would have to plainly state it to you if we are to be on the same page. While the players make use of real funds to patronise the reels of a casino, the casino makes use of a random system to provide outcomes that can’t be predicted on both ends.

We can’t entirely rule out the fact that you would need to be a bit lucky if you want to grab a fortune from any gaming platform due to the type of system most of the gaming activities being carried out are regulated with. The term ‘’Game of chance’’ might be a bit confusing to a lot of players, if you have been gracing the reels of a gaming platform without prior knowledge of how the outcomes are generated, you might want to read every word in this article.

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Game of Chance

When we say a game of chance, we are referring to a randomly generated outcomes. It doesn’t matter if the outcomes are fully or primarily random, in as far as a bit of it is unpredictable, you can term it a game of chance. Both the casino and the gambler do not have any idea on the game that would appear next. Placing a stake at a verified casino would provide you with results generated by a random number generator. Okay, let’s cite some real-life example of why casino gaming is tagged ”a game of chance”.

If you have ever come across games like roulette then you would understand that the possible outcomes are within the range of 37 and 38. If you stake on a particular number on a roulette table, there is no guarantee that the number would appear on the reels at the expected time. The results gotten from roulette games are wholly random, there is no guarantee whatsoever. When playing roulette most players rely on luck. Note that in a game of roulettes the casino has a better chance of winning than the player due to the house edge which we would explain it as you read along.

Another example of a game of chance that would provide the player with the opportunity of manipulating the results is the blackjack game. In the game of 21, players are dealt with cards. The cards dealt do not follow a specific pattern due to the shuffling process in which it goes through. It’s certain that the card dealt to you is wholly dependent on chance but unlike the roulette game, blackjack would provide you with the opportunity of changing the outcome of the game. You have the choice to chose which card you would deal or not deal making it possible for you to effectively control the outcome of the game.

House Edge

The thought of why the house would have an edge over the player have made a lot of players ignore the beauty attached to gaming at a casino. There are a lot of casino games that provides the casino with a better opportunity of winning than the players due to the random number generator that most casinos operate with. As stated above, there are a few casino games that are wholly dependent on chance while some are primarily dependent on chance. It doesn’t matter which of them you favour because most of them provide a House edge that would keep the player at a disadvantage. Read along to get some real live examples.

Gaming at the table of a roulette game would provide you with games that have a huge odd attached. Staking on a particular roulette number might provide you with a 15:1 outcome depending on the type of roulette you are betting on. So even if you lose your funds while staking in a particular roulette number 14 times and you are lucky enough to hit the desired number at your 15th trial, you would recover all the funds lost.

At first thought, this might sound interesting but after considering the Random number generator that most of these games operates with, you would understand that you can play over 200 rounds without getting the desired number. Same goes for the blackjack game, since the opportunity to control the outcome is provided to the player, you would find lesser odds on lots of cards dealt out making it very hard for you to accumulate the desired win in due time.

How to Win

Casino gaming might be engineered to favour the house over any other gambler but that has in no way restricted players from grabbing the desired win from a lot of gaming platforms. Banking with the logic of waiting out the number might exhaust all your funds due to the random number generator attached to most gaming machines. To increase your chances of winning, you would have to look for games that possess a better house edge ratio.

Lots of casino games possesses house edge that would keep the players on the winning side, check out the house edge attached and follow the simple probability rule, its either 0 or 1, in as much the specific number of time that a game would appear is not known to you, its certain that the game would appear within a specific time. Take your time to analyse the games and odds provided before placing any bet so as to avoid unnecessary loses.