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Double Bubble Slot: Get As Much As 200 Free Spins

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Double slot is a fascinating slot machine that offers two bonus rounds and a payout of up to 20,000 times the wager. Learn more by reading this guide.

Double Bubble is a hugely popular online video slot from Gamesys. There are numerous ways to land combinations for cash prizes with twenty (20) paylines. If you want to play Double Bubble online in the United Kingdom, choose the best bonus for you and start playing for real money right away. Of course, if you want to see how the game works, you can always try the free play version. To find out more, read our Double Bubble Slot Review.

Important Features

The name of the software provider is Gamesys. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines with a return to player (RTP) of 96.02 percent. The minimum and maximum bet are 0.01 and 100 respectively. The maximum payout is 20,000 times. There is only one bonus round and the variance is medium.

If you are nostalgic for old fruit machines but want a game that looks modern and fresh, we recommend that you try the Double Bubble slot!

This Gamesys slot has paid out more than 1.8 million GBP in wins since its launch in January 2014, and it is triggered every 1.6 days on average. The stats do not appear to lie, with this slot game’s Return to Player (RTP) hovering around 96.02 percent. The various coin sizes and paylines appear to cater to all types of slots players, so we give the game a thumbs up!

Play the Double Bubble slot machine online for a chance to win cash prizes across five reels and twenty paylines! Check out the important details below:

Concerning Double Bubble Slot

At first glance, the Double Bubble slot appears to be a simple yet appealing game. The gameplay is nice and simple to learn, with nothing too complicated to understand and no need to worry about figuring out the win lines. It is visually appealing, has a nice border, and the reels spin and land with a satisfying “click.”

The overall design has a classic slot feel, similar to what you would expect from older-style fruit machines. The bubble bonus, which has the potential to payout up to twenty thousand (20,000) times the stake from a single spin, is probably the most enjoyable aspect of the slot.

The Double Bubble slot machine has five (5) reels, three (3) rows, and twenty (20) paylines. Winning combinations are formed when three or more matching symbols appear on an active payline, beginning with the leftmost reel.

To begin spinning the reels of this popular slot, you must first place your bet, which ranges from zero point one (0.01) to one hundred (100) British Pounds per spin. Set your preferred bet level by pressing the plus and minus buttons beneath the reels, then press the green spin button to begin playing.

How distinct is Double Bubble?

When we looked around both online and in casinos for the “Double Bubble slot,” we discovered that it was a very popular game. So much so that it has become a staple slot game for Gamesys and is actually exclusive to them.

We couldn’t find many examples of people streaming this game online, but we believe this is due to the casino exclusivity. Many Twitch streamers and YouTube videos of online slots feature casinos with a diverse range of games from various providers. Most casinos, such as JackpotJoy, will only offer Gamesys-developed games.

So, how distinct is Double Bubble? Apart from the other games developed on top of it, such as the progressive jackpot and triple jackpot slots, it is actually unique.

We believe it is unique because the bubble feature and the relatively large potential payout are uncommon in many other slots. This provides it with a platform from which to attract a large number of potential users who are looking for something that other casinos do not have or do not have the right to host.

What exactly is Double Bubble Bingo?

Double Bubble Bingo is likely to appear if you search for Double Bubble. It is an online casino where you can play all of your favorite Double Bubble games in one location. Furthermore, Double Bubble Bingo offers numerous promotions, daily free games, over one thousand (1,000) slots, and live casino games. Check out our Double Bubble Bingo review and claim your welcome bonus to get started on your Double Bubble adventure.

Origin of the Double Bubble

The Double Bubble definition varies because this intriguing word combination refers to a wide range of phenomena in various fields. In the world of online slots, this name clearly refers to the most popular online slot by Gamesys.

The slot machine game is not based on a particular concept, such as a film, book, or legend. The designers were quite creative, and they were able to create a game that resembles retro slots in terms of symbols while also being quite modern in terms of design and all of the visual features.

What Is Double Bubble Slot?

To win any slot game, you must get a combination of multiple instances of the same symbol arranged in a specific pattern. Double Bubble is a multiline slot in that sense.

As the name implies, multiline slots have more than one payline, allowing you to wager across multiple lines on a single spin.

Single-line slots were clearly known in the early days when slots had only one payline. With the introduction of the first online slots came variety in terms of symbols, but also in terms of the number of paylines, resulting in the first multiline slots.

Better yet, no matter what size coin you are wagering with, you still have the opportunity to win big cash. If you manage to get your hands on the highest payout in the game, you will receive 20,000 times your coin size! So, even if you are wagering with a coin size of 1pence, the maximum payout could win you 200 GBP. That seems pretty good to us!

Any winnings you happen to get are dependent on your coin size. The winning reward will be a Multiline Slots are now considered classic slot variations due to technological advancements that allow pay systems to work differently and, in some cases, more excitingly. However, this may be part of the appeal of this particular slot, as it retains this classic element.

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Stake Options for Double Bubble Slots

When playing this game, players have the option of betting across multiple lines as well as a wide range of coin sizes. The coin sizes in this game range from one pence (1p) to 10 GBP and is suitable for slots players of all skill levels, including beginners and high rollers. A multiplier of the size of your original coin in essence, if you want to win more, you will need to wager with larger coin sizes and values.

Double Bubble Challenge – Ten (10) Spins

Take a look at how much money we won on this exciting Gamesys slot in our Double Bubble 10 Spins Challenge. Sign up and deposit at a site that offers this game, then select your wagering options. Spin the wheel ten times and let us know if you are a winner.

How to Play Double Bubble Slot Machine?

This lively slot is popular for good reason. There are numerous ways for players to win, and the excitement level is sure to remain high throughout. Players can land winning combinations in a variety of ways thanks to the five reels and twenty paylines!

When you start playing this slot game, you will notice that it has some fantastic illustrations and graphics. Not only do the reel symbols look great, but so do the bubbly background and reel surroundings, not to mention the bubbly background, the area surrounding the reels, and, of course, the symbols themselves!

When playing this bubbly slot, you can land grapes, cherries, plums, oranges, and other fruits on the reels to form winning combinations.

We’ve also got you covered if you are wondering ‘where can I play the Double Bubble slot?’ You can play on a variety of Gamesys sites, including those geared toward slots, but there are also plenty of bingo sites with a good selection of video slots.

Click ‘BET ONE’ – this will add You can begin playing now that you know where to look. After deciding on the coin size, the next step is to decide how many paylines you will be playing across. You have a choice of one to twenty, with the latter being the most available. The number of paylines to play across can be chosen in these three ways that follow:

  • Press the ‘BET ONE’ button – this is to add another line. I’d you press past the maximum, it’ll reset your selection to one line.
  • Press the colored numbers – They’re to the side of this game’s reels.
  • Press the ‘BET MAX’ button to bet the maximum amount on all twenty (20) lines, and the reels will begin spinning automatically.

If you do not select ‘BET MAX,’ you can start the game by pressing ‘SPIN’ after selecting the number of lines to bet on.

Symbols with two bubbles

The double Bubble slot has twelve (12) symbols in total, including a wild and the game logo, which is the most valuable and rewarding symbol. A winning combination will require at least three of the less valuable symbols on the reels, but if we are talking about the four most valuable symbols, two will suffice.

The five (5) lower-value symbols are all fruits, which fits with the game theme, given that retro slots were the main inspiration for the designers of this online slot. There are twenty (20) paylines, and to win, you must align the symbols from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel.

The cherries, watermelon, and grapes are the three (3) least valuable symbols, and each of these three symbols triggers the same payouts when three (3), four (4), or five (5) of them appear across an active line. Five (5) coins are awarded for three symbols, twenty coins for four symbols, and one hundred coins for five symbols across an active line.

The next two symbols are the plum and the orange, and a combination of three oranges or three plums will pay you half your wager. If you hit four plums or four oranges, you will receive the same amount as your wager, whereas if you hit five (5) plums or five (5) oranges, you will receive ten times your stake.

Following that are the pink and blue double bars, which pay the same amount for every combination. For a combination of three symbols, you will receive your wager back, and for a combination of four symbols, you will receive fifty (50) coins. With five or double bars across a line, you would get five hundred (500) coins, or twenty-five (25) times your stake.

The green triple bar and the bell appear next, and their combination of two symbols results in a payout. You will get two coins for matching two symbols and twenty-five (25) coins for matching three. These two symbols differ in four-symbol winning combinations, with the green triple bar paying One Hundred (100) coins and the four yellow bells paying Two hundred (200) coins. Both symbols, on the other hand, pay five hundred (500) coins for a five-symbol combination.

The Super seven (7) symbol comes next, and it pays five coins for two, 50 coins for three, 200 coins for four, and 500 coins for a combination of five. Finally, the most valuable regular symbol is the game’s logo, which pays a maximum of 20,000 coins for a five-symbol combination. The remaining payouts are 500 USD for four symbols, 100 USD for three symbols, and 20 USD for two symbols.

This game includes a wild symbol that can replace all symbols except the scatter to complete any winning combination.

The gameplay of the Double Bubble

So, now that you know this is a game that can accommodate your budget, whatever it may be, it is probably time to learn about the fun and important stuff – how to win!

As previously stated, betting on more lines increases your chances of winning. It is also worth noting that your payouts will be calculated as multiples of your coin size.

After the reels have spun, any symbols that appear inside a bubble will be placed in the second win area along the Bubble Line. If you make a winning combination in this second area, it is multiplied by the number of lines you bet on.

If the Double Bubble symbol appears throughout the game, it acts as the wild symbol and can be used to form a winning combination with any other symbol. The maximum payout for this slot game is triggered by landing five (5) wild symbols on a single payline.

The Bubble Bonus game is an additional gaming feature. If three (3) bonus symbols appear anywhere on reels one (1), three (3), and five (5), this bonus round will be triggered. When this round is active, players will be given three bubbles and asked to pop one of them to win a cash prize. Players will win if the selected bubble has a random coin multiplier!

Return To Players (RTP) for Double Bubble

The Return To Players (RTP) for Double Bubble is 96.02 percent. This means that the house edge for this slot can change, and thus the average winnings paid out can change over time.

Variation with Two Bubbles

When discussing slot games and their features, Return To Players (RTP) is important, but so is variance. Double Bubble slot is a medium variance game, which means that you should not expect a moderate level of win frequency or a moderate level of winnings.

If you are looking for a game where you would not have to wait for too many spins before your first win, but you can still win a decent amount, Double Bubble is an excellent choice. Nonetheless, the game is completely random, and there are no rules governing the chances of winning. The term volatility is also used to describe variation.

Although this slot has a medium variance or volatility rating, it is worth noting that, unlike many others, it has the potential to award massive payouts.

This is quite unusual for a slot that is still relatively generous in terms of win frequency. Even though it has the potential to pay out a maximum win of 20,000 times, this slot still entertains by awarding wins on a regular basis, albeit at a low value.

If you want to learn more about Return To Players (RTP) and variance models, check out our comprehensive Variance, Volatility, and Return To Players (RTP) guide to see which one is right for you.

Double Bubble Slot Free Play

This is a perfect opportunity to test a game and see how you like it before you can commit to making a real money wager. You can play as many spines, if you want to try out this game without risking any real money, Double Bubble free play is the way to go. Many online casinos provide demo versions of their games, and you can even play them for free on your mobile device. No deposit Double Bubble play is also an option, as some casinos offer free spins on this game. And as many ins, as you want If you play the demo version, you will be given virtual funds, but if you lose them, you can simply reload the game and begin again.

Remember that any potential winnings in demo mode will not be replicated once you decide to play for real money. The inverse is also true: just because you lose money in demo mode does not mean you would not be luckier when playing with real money.

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Double Bubble on Mobile

Basically, if the desktop version of the casino site features it, then the Double Bubble slot will also be available in Double Bubble and is optimized for mobile devices, as are the majority of Gamesys slots. The game was created using HTML5 technology. As a result, players can now play on their smartphones and tablets. There is no need to download any apps; simply visit a casino site that supports mobile and you will be directed to the mobile-friendly version of the site.

The mobile edition Previously, mobile casino gaming was just another option with few options, but now you have access to all settings and options whether you are on a mobile device, a desktop computer, or a laptop.

Double Bubble Slot Game Slots Sites

Double Bubble can be found at a variety of online slot sites. Continue reading to learn where you can play this Gamesys slot for a chance to win real money.


Starspins may be the only site on our shortlist that is solely dedicated to slots. The name may give it away, but the extensive selection of video slots will.

You can play this game at Starspins as well as a whole host of exciting slots. The likes of Rainbow Riches, Da Vinci Diamonds, and even the sequel to the eponymous game, Double Bubble Jackpot!

Virgin Games

Virgin Games casino, founded in 2004, is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. It has evolved into the Virgin Games network, which provides its players with an instant-play online casino. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner both have licenses for Virgin Games.

Virgin Games’ online casino follows very strict regulations, which is why it only accepts players from the United Kingdom (UK).

There are not that many online casinos that offer as many games as Virgin Games. A dozen different software providers, including NetEnt WMS, IGT, and Gamesys, are available to players. If you prefer table games, you will be pleased to learn that there are numerous variations of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno, and craps, as well as video poker.

Visit VirginGames’ Live Casino room if you want to feel the thrill of a land-based casino from the comfort of your own home. You can play table games against live dealers there.


Other Gamesys Slots

We have seen the game features, we have told you where you play the Double Bubble slot and we concluded that it is possible to play the game for The variety of games available, the great promotions, and the low wagering and withdrawal requirements are probably the best reasons to play at Jackpotjoy. Jackpotjoy, like Virgin Games, is a United Kingdom (UK) online casino that only accepts players from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Jackpotjoy’s two (2) main focuses are slots and bingo, so it can appeal to both bingo players and slots enthusiasts. The casino also has a good selection of table games, including Blackjack and Roulette variations.

Double Bubble is only available at Gamesys-powered casinos!

So, select your bonus today at one of our recommended casinos: Double bubble bonus

Now, let us see who the mastermind behind this piece of art is.

Secrets Gamesys is a rare example of a company that is both a slot developer and the owner of a few casino sites, and while they may not be as well-known as NetEnt and Micro gaming, they are still quite successful.

Gamesys has several online slots, and some of the most popular slots that we have reviewed are Gamesys slots. Let us take a look at the top Gamesys slots and see what they have in common.

Secrets of The Phoenix

The theme is also different – Secrets of the Phoenix depicts the Ancient Aztecs and their world, whereas Double Bubble is a modern twist on the classic slot machine.

Da Hong Bao

This is a slot with Secrets of the Phoenix is undoubtedly one of Gamesys’ most successful titles, but also in general. It is similar to Double Bubble in that regard. Not so much in terms of features and symbols. Secrets of the Phoenix has a five-reel (5-reel), three-row (3-row) layout, but the number of paylines is not the same as Double Bubble; Double Bubble has twenty (20) paylines, while Secrets of the Phoenix has five (5) more.

The bonus game in this slot is triggered by a special symbol, whereas the main bonus in Secrets of the Phoenix is cascading wins. The Free Spins bonus is triggered by at least four cascading wins, and with eight cascading wins, you can play up to twenty-five (25) free spins.

The reels have an oriental theme, with various Ancient Chinese symbols appearing. It also has five reels, three rows, and fifty paylines. This game is playable with fifty (50) coins and a minimum wager of one penny per coin, for a total wager of fifty pence (50p). Da Hong Bao is similar in that it can also be played with a penny per line or a twenty pence (20p) minimum stake per spin.

Double Bubble Variations

Slot providers frequently release sequels to popular games, and in the case of Double Bubble, there have been two versions so far, but we cannot rule out new versions in the coming years.

Double Bubble Jackpot is the first sequel that closely resembles the original, with one minor difference: it includes a large jackpot prize. Even though the chances of winning the jackpot are slim, many players are drawn in by the possibility. One UK player who played the game at Jackpot Joy won over 200,000 British Pound in 2016, and there have been a number of players who have won prizes above 100,000 GBP

The third and final Double Bubble variant is the Double Bubble Triple Jackpot. It was released in the spring of 2019 and included all of the familiar features that made the original game so popular, as well as three jackpot prizes: Mini, Major, and Grand. With three (3) variations, it is no surprise that even though the original Double Bubble was released more than five years ago, this slot’s popularity in the United Kingdom is still on the rise.

Is There A Strategy To Win On Double Bubble?

Technically, there is no winning strategy for any slot machine; the key is to play within your means; do not even bet high until you are comfortable with the game’s Return To Players (RTP). However, as we mentioned above in the section on how to win, you should experiment with different pay lines, but betting on all paylines gives you the lowest variance and the highest potential for win frequency.

How well-known is the Double Bubble Slot?

One of the questions we get is, “How popular is this Gamesys slot?” It is strange that there are so many reviews for this particular slot, but it does not get much time on YouTube or Twitch… Why is this the case?

Double Bubble Slot has a high search volume on search engines such as Google. We can collect data and use our own analytics to determine how many people search for the game on direct search each month.

It turns out that a lot of people do, sometimes over 1000 searches per month. In comparison to many other online slots, this is a very high standard. Only some of the most popular games, such as Book of Dead, Starburst, and Fishin Frenzy, can beat it.

So, why are not there a slew of YouTube videos and Twitch streamers regularly playing this game? Everything boils down to exclusivity and availability. Gamesys is a brilliant company because, as previously stated, they not only create their own online slots but also host their own casinos.

With that setup, they can choose to exclusively host their own slots in their own casinos. This allows them to retain and attract new players to their platforms (very clever). What this means for streamers and YouTube video creators is that they must sign up to specific casinos, which may not have or host a wider range of games to play, resulting in their content becoming singularly focused.

So, while the Double Bubble slot game is extremely popular among people searching online, it has yet to find its way into the hearts of Twitch Streamers. This could change if the Gamesys platforms expand their slot offerings.

Our Verdict

The most popular game at right here is Double Bubble. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the game is both very modern looking and stylish, while also having an old school feel to it. The symbols include bars, sevens (7s), cherries, and other fruits, and the Return To Players (RTP) is 96.2 percent.

This game was released in 2014, and it is still as popular as it was the first year. The game is playable on mobile devices and is available at the casinos mentioned above. It is one of the most popular Jackpot Joy games.

We believe that this game is one of the more enjoyable to get involved with quickly, as it provides a decent level of excitement and interactivity, a medium level of volatility, and the potential for the player to win big (twenty thousand (20,000) times – is one of the larger tops wins offered by a slot machine online). We would happily give this game five (5) stars.

Play the Double Bubble slot and get a welcome bonus at one of our recommended casinos!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is it necessary for me to download the Double Bubble Slot?

Another great feature of this game is that there is no need to download anything in order to play the Double Bubble slot. You can access it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Some online casinos, on the other hand, have their apps. If you choose to play at such an online casino, you will need to download the app in order to spin the Double Bubble slot reels.

  • Is it possible to play Double Bubble Slot on my mobile device?

Double Bubble slot is playable on all devices, including mobile, tablets, and computers. Double Bubble, like many other Gamesys slots, is available for Windows, iOS, and Android.

  • Is it possible to play Double Bubble for free?

Yes! There are numerous online slot sites that offer demo versions of various slot games, including Double Bubble. There are even sites that offer no deposit bonuses on Double Bubble, allowing you to play this game for free.

  • What exactly is the Double Bubble Return To Player (RTP)?

The RTP (Return to Player) for Double Bubble is 96.2 percent.

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