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Global GamingThe “Global Gaming Lab” often Tim’s just abbreviated to CGL doesn’t work with the most popular software providers. In spite if this, this company makes game products that could take operators to another level in competition. CGL makes sure that it uses all the resources at its disposal so as to make gaming solutions that would respond to all quality problems. Founded in 2002, this company is based in Costa Rica. And it has made use of all the latest technology so as to make its products very versatile. Right now, you have more than 65 online casino operators that are benefitting from the services of this company. Most of these online casinos welcome players from all over the world. You should note that it is one of the only developers that would allow a platform for live casino games. Also, CGL tried its best so as to offer everyone who makes use of their products the best quality ever, so as to increase customer count. Yearly, Global Gaming Lab take enormous resources so as to improve the quality of its online products

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According to the management of the Global Gaming Company, they have taken the whole live casino concept to whole new level, with the support of some online casino operators. But what they claimed to do bring online services to another level couldn’t work if more than a hundred professional dealers were trained to work at online casinos. All of the workers went through the right training because working at an online casino can be grueling. You have regular updates on the company’s online platform. This is because, all the modern technology made use of to bring the best live casino games to players is constantly getting developed and updated. Online live casino games are extremely well-known. This platform will allow you to run games with live dealers easily. All the operators that are under the CGL Global Gaming Corporation have a huge advantage. This is because they get tools and tips on attracting new players. Also, how to make the conversion rate higher and get partner promotion. This platform offers countless solutions and tips for casino operators. This company even has a branch that takes care solely of land-based casinos. This online system has made it very easy for CGL technology to be installed in physical casinos.

Another thing, clients under Global Gaming operators will be able to take advantage of live dealer games and bookmaking services. So we can definitely say that, Global Gaming Lab puts the needs of its customers first and always tries as much as possible to solve all issues. You have several online games offered by Global Gaming Lab. These games even have some varieties. They are blackjack, roulette variants and baccarat. Every game you will see online is broadcasted from one studio. Also, every online product differs in characteristics. For instance, wwuth Blackjack, up to 7 players can take part in q found. When they receive two cards, one player could fold and surrender. If this happens, you get half of your bet back.

In 2018, the CGL Global Gaming Corporation have some contracts with online casino operators (Futuriti Casino, Tropical Cash Casino and many others). And as a result of this, their products would now be available to use on mobile.

The process would not be very complicated. When a player goes on an online casino, they can choose to download their favorite games to their phones or tablets. New technologies have made it so that CGL Global Gaming got adaptable emulators for mobile devices. The results of this were awesome. After this, a lot of players from all over the world started coming to CGL Global Gaming.

How CGL’s Live Casino is Kept Safe

In every stage of development, you had the use of innovative technologies. This was done so to ensure that the user information was kept safe and secure. Making the conversion higher made the technology even more attractive. Also, who doesn’t love a staff that interacts more with its customers? To make sure that everything goes smoothly and without a hitch,.managers do their jobs the best they could, which is is very well. Also, technical problems do not take long to get solved because of the backup function. In the halls, you have qualitative equipment. The design of the live casino will depend on the operators request. Most often it is done in corporate style with suits if dealers, cards and tables. If the online casino in question is international, then you will have a dealer who is fluent in several languages. Customers who own real casinos or want to open it have the option of a GameBase, offered by the Global Gaming Company. This is something that simplifiés intégration and installation. And the operator can only get configuration done on certain products. This system could work with plastic cards or cash. And the software makes sure that all the security is up to date so all players are protected. Technical support is also offered by the Global Gaming Company to its partners. If any questions arise concerning the components being replaced, work being stabilized and equipment being adjusted, then specialists will be prompt in their responses.

Another thing that is included in the package is the installation of BetStation. With BetStation, the operator can oversee several things at once with the staff’s help.

Additional CGL Services

  • – Brand Promotion in competitive markets
  • – Getting technical and marketing problems solved
  • – Improving consumer value and getting new clients.

The player data is not used by the developer as it belongs to the operator. There is limited communication between dealers and players in live casinos so as to prevent the sharing of personal information.

Everything we have mentioned above show just how good CGL Global Gaming is.

Software Casino Bonuses

For players in almost every part of the world, there will be card tournaments held by the online system. Players come so as to get a huge cash rewards. Putting the reward aside, participating in a tournament is a great way to best your skills and build up your game strategy.


The Global Gaming Lab deserves so much attention. This company gives operators all the tools so that they can successfully work online. It is definitely one of the best casino suppliers on the market.