Aztec Gems Slots

Aztec Gems Slots Review | Online Aztec Gems Slots Win Real Money

The influence of archaic cultures has captivated different folks by their exceptional heritage, designs & way of life– of which South America & Aztecs of Central known to be among the best inspiring in the world.

Aztec Gems Slots

Aztec Gems Slots

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Authoritative through to the Sixteenth era, these Aztecs came up with several most significant towns across the universe, comprised of colossal memorials & catastrophic shrines. Luckily enough, benefiting from this Aztec Gems video slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play calls for no reparation whatsoever before they can catch the fun.

The game is laid across a yellow masonry related to an Aztec territory with three reels of sparkling jewels, every one of the reels individually displays ornamental golden support. However, this game’s real gem lies the fourth Reel bonus, which generates payouts multiplying co-efficient.

Likewise, there’s a wild icon that assists in forming additional pay-lines, during which the same game lacks either side bets or bonus round. In contrast, the multiplying co-efficient as much as 15x of the total amount becomes descended; some players will forfeit the opportunity.

More similar to previous video slots innovations by Pragmatic Play, Aztec Gems considers a verifiably even-handed game handling, which generally fits in virtually every range of bet amount paid back as payouts. Also, the payouts are only of an incredibly lesser rate to entice casino sites & active software producing firms.

Besides, Aztec Gems comes with an eye-catchy layout of which Pragmatic Play maintains the thick bushland in the territory finished up with a video-clipped cascade. While the game plays up, it gives off a musical background structured on a theme that follows. Since its thoroughly modernized for mobile Play, players can have fun with the marvels, musicals & payouts therein across various hand-held gadgets, likewise, computers.

Basis for play & Sparkling Characters

Every gem, along with its initial worth, is put to view over this slot’s paytable. Nevertheless, the precise value as payouts is conditional to the multiplier that shows up over the fourth Reel.

A jackpot will then be won once a similar kind of gem comes into view over the three primary reels, all assisted through Aztec makeover – representing the wild game symbol & replaces whichever characters perhaps it helps to finish up a winning combo.

Besides, it is conditional to the amount put down for wager with each spinning, because bets value that’s much significant tends to yield bigger jackpots in return. Whereas the triangle colored yellow offers a simple 0.4x the players overall wager amounts each time it comes in place over this slot reels, then you’ll land yourself 1x your bet amount whenever the blue pentagon lands over.

The payout’s worth increases as soon as the gem of the red square, purple octagon, blue diamond & green circle surfaces, during which players can grab the maximum payouts of 4x their bets value as soon as the red diamond comes into view. This wild character rewards 5x of the overall wager amount; perhaps it shows up over all three reels. However, the fourth Reel establishes Aztec Gems that kind of precious item with the Pragmatic Play collections.

How to Win & Magnify Payouts

The fourth Reel by the right across the display becomes isolated from the rest through an additional stone-masonry finish. You’ll not witness characters any longer over the reels, just multipliers in the range from 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x & 15x.

Most times, you’ll usually come across the least multiplying co-efficient. Regardless of any of the multipliers that drop over the display towards mid of this slot reels, then increases the initial worth of whichever payouts obtained via the figure displayed.

Indeed, there’s an opportunity to obtain 1x multiplying co-efficient & not hold over the main payouts. However, frequently, more significant 0000000 figures come in to play over fourth reels. It’s an appreciable play-attachment of this Aztec Gems, which contributes to this slot play’s easiness & rewarding in use.

Wager Limit

In this Aztec Gems slot, you’ll stumble upon five win-lines, alongside three of the pay-lines span across three rows of characters & the remaining in gradients way through the upper part by the left towards downward right-side & lowest left-side point towards the upper right side. Each of these reels is forever kept running, & with only 0.05, you can play up with your hard-earned money.

This bet amount is too low to hope for any massive payouts. Nevertheless, you increase the wager amount to stand a chance to experience impressive payouts. The highest bet amount to put down is 25.00 for each spinning; that’s quite an immense value. Moreover, many players often go for an amount within the least & maximum value to complement their financial plans.

This slot considers an automatic-play feature that allows a hands-off approach. You can use this feature to turn on the reels as much as 100 counts of spins. Once the money in your account adds or reduces, the play-feature discontinues.

Alternately, if a winning from a spin round surpasses the amount initially configured, it also ceases the feature to play. Besides, you’ll witness a turbo play access, which accelerates the scenery & live it up. The developer designs this slot for gamesters that desire to run the game in its demo play mode ahead of staking their hard-earned money.

A similar slot with Aztec Themes

A typical slot with a similar Aztec experience in Aztec Princess video slot machine brought about by Play ‘n GO. This slot comes with five reels & 20 winning-lines with eye-catchy visuals. Furthermore, the slot game has its wild represented as a gold-covered false face along with a blue-colored duchess appareled in a fancy scarf & responsible to activates the bonus spins features.

Indiana’s Quest is a different example also of the Aztec theme, brought about by EvoPlay. It plays up an adventurer that might appear slightly familiar to lovers of films & is considered the performance celebrity. Once this character toss logs of explosive across the reels, the player involved will have access to several randomly triggered jackpots.

The slot is considered a golden shekel regarded as the scatter icons & offers ten bonus play. While this bonus play mode is active, the cascade reels turn the rewarding characters to disappear.

New icons also take the positions; thereby magnifying payouts amount successively as much as 15x. Besides, you’ll stumble upon a rhino which cuts across the reels & unlock a brand bunch of characters, during which a rioting chimpanzee tends to transform first & second reels absolutely to wilds characters.


Aztec Gems is quite captivating that players can hope for several multipliers & great payouts along the line. The scenery appears sparkling and multicolored.

The jewels make up for this slot’s appeal. Furthermore, players can lay hands on an Aztec false face that takes a wild character’s role, thereby assisting in filling up so many rewarding combos each time it stands in for whichever jewel characters.

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