Almighty Sparta Slot

Almighty Sparta Slot Online Slots Game by Endorphina

Almighty Sparta Slot

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Almighty Sparta Slot Review

  • Developer: Endorphina
  • Return to player rate: 96.00%
  • Variance: Mid variance
  • Paylines: 10
  • Number of Reels: 5
  • Bet size (the whole pay lines included): £0.10 (GBP) – £100 (GBP)
  • Highest payout: 50000
  • Additions: Bonus spins, Mid variance, Scatter icons, Growing Wild symbols
  • Story-lines: Frenzy & Feat, Background

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Would you like to spin an adventure of a prehistoric Greek storyline? You can do just that with Endorphina’s Almighty Sparta. The slot is programed with a 5-reel, 10 win-line slot. You have to team up with Leonidas and his monkish fighters to win 20 bonus spins with a 4x multiplier.

The stuffed Wilds “Leonidas” releases additional winning combos, with the Return to player rate considered 96%, further causes the war good enough for a favorable outcome.

Variance and Return to player

Almighty Sparta is a slot considered with an assumed return to player rate of 96%. Considering how the programmers came about this rate, you can notice fewer games to play, the higher the actual Return to player rate differs from this rate. Nevertheless, RTP is a helpful yardstick to guess possible payoff while trying out a slot game.

Endorphina is yet to specify the variance of Almighty Sparta Slot due to the change agents that show up, like the multipliers & wild icons that can affect the RTP.

We rank Almighty Sparta slot a mid-high variance, taking to account the 50,000 maximum jackpot reward to claim & bonus spins possible to activate again. You can come to grips with some Spartan supernatural power during the gameplay before you can win any potential money-spinning booty reward.

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The narration of the Scenes & Visual artworks

Slot titles developed by Endorphina are known for awe-inspiring music background & graphics. Without any doubt, the Almighty Sparta slot appears extremely good with regal stony-designed dynasts & attractively sketched symbols.

According to the myth of Thermopylae’s war, this slot narrates the story of the ruler Leonidas & his brave monkish fighters with barebones. It’s more in number by the troops of the Achaemenid Empire reporting to the authority of the emperor Xerxes.

These forces vowed to do anything possible to protect themselves even if they suffer along the line. It’s a similar reference approach introduced in the 2006 film 300. Also, Endorphina’s graphics desk has made it right. The game has a fantastic gloomy feature complemented with the background music & graphics. This concept catches the interest of a player to the high-speed adventure.

The most valuable characters narrate exactly to the myth; which you can discover Oracle of Delphi, Xerxes that predicted the loss of life and havoc, including the deceitful Ephialtes known to betray the Spartans for his selfish interest.

Furthermore, the artfully sketched images represent the double-edge, single-handed sword used by ancient Greeks & Sauter gun in the hand of every fighter. Likewise, the Spartan armor with its unique downside-up V or Lambda icons. Almighty Sparta slot is an inspiring slot game with a lot of formalities.

How to set the bet sizes

With the Almighty Sparta slot, you can adjust almost any feature of the pay-line bet; you’re free to spin the game on just one pay-line or the entire ten lines. Choose the coin denominations from 0.01 – 1.00, then pick as many as 10 coins for each payline in use to have the total limits of bet sizes from 0.01 – 100.00 coins for each spin.

To spin Slot games is far beyond merely selecting the wager amount for pay lines & tapping the spin controls. Endorphina keeps to this with an in-built & supersize user interface. Toggle the menu control towards the left of the display, change the wager sizes for the payline, select the auto-play button, and the single winning, tolerance for loss, & a time control at hand.

You can operate the buttons for the background music at the same menu, though we would not suggest this to try to—all the same, thumbs up to the well-known & movielike background music.

However, Endorphina considers some other magics to use and the opportunity to look around the slot data & spin the game in left-hand style, an extra feature. As soon as you are already shielded with the controls & study read the paytable, you can set the reels rolling & expect payouts with this exciting slot game.

The Winning system with Almighty Sparta Slot

As it has always been, to hit payouts with Slot games, you have to appear the combinations of identical icons that eventually shows up on the pay lines in use. It’s one of the reasons we suggest considering putting the 10 active pay lines while playing to have better winning potential.

Any winnings possible with Almighty Sparta Slot payoff in multipliers of the bet amount on pay lines set active. Hence, how significant your bet value is can decide the magnificence of the jackpot reward, which in turn establishes Almighty Sparta Slot, an attraction option for big spenders with up to 50,000 winnings up for grabs.

With Almighty Sparta, you can enjoy a handful of bountiful jackpots with the least possible royals that reward up to 10x multiplying co-efficient in Return to 5 of the symbols appearing on the reels. Meanwhile, it increases to 20x in Return to K & A.

Keep eyes on the arms, as it holds a 50x multiplier booty reward for a poker hand, while the high priests & betraying Ephialtes offer up to 100x multiplier for appearing five identical characters on pay lines in use.

The most valuable icons in the Almighty Sparta slot remain as the scatter icon and Xerxes, with which you can anticipate winnings for bringing to view only two characters across the reels. Supposing you bring up five icons, expect to claim a whopping 500x multiplier, thereby offering the best jackpot reward worth as much as 50,000 coins for playing the Max. Wager amount.

Bonus spins and Features

Though Almighty Sparta lacks sufficient bonus play attachments meanwhile, the game has so many possibilities, thumbs up to the bonus spin feature and stuffed wild icon “Leonidas.”

The game rolls on a 3 row, 5 reels, with the stuffed wild icons filling up the 3-reel spots, then replace every other character excluding the scatter icon “shield.” The icon causes a fresh winning combo on many pay-lines, notably while dropping by to fill up the display.

You’ll have the bonus spins play-mode activated whenever 3 or higher of the scatter icons show up at any spot over the reels. You can claim 2x, 5x, 20x, or 500x multiplying co-efficient when you’re able to appear 2, 3, 4, or 5 characters on the reels.

Then, it releases up to 20 bonus games spun with 4x multiplying co-efficient. Interestingly, the good thing is that you can activate a different 20 bonus spins again while the bonus is active. As a result, it makes a rewarding element by surprise.

Quite familiar with all slot game titles by Endorphina, Almighty Sparta, and a Risk game feature that enables you to bet your payouts as much as 10x. Select a card of much significant value compared to the card in view; then, you’d have the payouts magnified 2x. Pair up the card number; after that, you hit up a re-spin. If you select a card of a low number, that’s a loss.

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Gimmicks, Clues, & Master plan

Maybe you’re a fan of 300 shields; you can take pleasure in attempting Endorphina’s gloomy classic accordant with a similar reference item. Everything about Almighty Sparta is bonus spins; hence you need to be patient & count on three or higher of the scatter icons to bring it up.

No matter how you try, it’s impossible to manipulate the result from any spin during a round. The whole thing is under the control of the Random number generator. A random number generator is a program observed with casino game titles that ensure any spin round; card spins, rolling of dice are unpredictable.

Meanwhile, despite there is nothing like a stroke of luck with slot games, it’s possible to manipulate the result from the spin rounds; you must have selected the appropriate slot titles and be a genius with the budget plan.

With this slot machine, hanker for 96% as the Return to player rate, with the opportunity to claim a 50,000-coin maximum jackpot reward that allows you to bet further. Keep in mind that there’s nothing like a specified payout threshold with the Almighty Sparta slot.

To that effect, it makes Almighty Sparta slot deserving some spins, hence determine a total bet amount with which you are comfortable on 50 bonus spins. Apply this as a benchmark for your financial plans during the game rounds.

Do not bet beyond the amount that will affect you so badly; as a result, fix your bet money on extra returns, after which all essential expenses are taken care of. Having the bet size ready, apply the auto-play additions provided with this slot to adjust the time stretch during the round plus the single winnings & losing measures to assists you monitor your funds; likewise, any losings in effect.

Above all, right after you reach the climax of your financial plans for bets, try to leave. The wisest & top-drawer players attach importance to these limits. Besides, try to avoid recouping any losings.

Practice play mode

Maybe you’d like to have a clue or trick to hit it big with the Almighty Sparta slot; definitely, bonus spins are good for you. It’s the best means to know the basis for the game mechanics with your selected title.

No matter your experience ratings, bonus spins are necessary to use. Learners can do away with their errors with nothing to risk in bonus spins mode, but during a real money play-mode, you’d find yourself to blame while spinning a slot that doesn’t suit your bet strategy. players that spin games once in a while can take advantage of the demo version to figure out a plan & preferred themes, like top software programmers, to match their fancies.

Indeed, take note that any jackpot reward is only in coins instead of real money. However, this can’t deprive you of your proprietary rights to claim whopping winnings that fall on this slot reels.

Mobile combability

Almighty Sparta operates in a flash-play mode programmed to be compatible with the user’s preferred device browser. It’s straightforward to use & the quickest means to have fun with the game titles on any gadgets & OS.

During our encounter with the Almighty Sparta slot, it’s launched extremely fast, while it appeared extraordinary on displays of High Definition irrespective of the layout employed.

The user interface is mobile compatible, and this ascertains the reels are the main feature, during which it’s at one’s disposal. Also, the HTML5 system adopted in the development of the Almighty Sparta slot improves the time a battery lasts for a great mobile gaming session.


Bravo to the Monkish fighters with barebones. Endorphina’s Almighty Sparta slot is breathtaking & straightforward that lays hold of the aura employed in a movie, at the same time fitting its stylish & gloomy artistic to the theme “a warfare of Thermopylae.”

The adventure complements exciting movielike background music; it also brings up enough goodies, thumbs up to the bonus spins addition that can bring up 20 bonus spins taken at 4x multiplying co-efficient. It’s possible to reactivate this feature, with which landing 5 of the scatter icons can reward a 500x multiplier. That’s a profitable winning.

Besides, you can have a wild symbol, “Leonidas,” that get stuffed 3 or more to take over the 5×3 reels, then turn out fresh & high rewarding winning combos on many pay-lines. You’d not get disappointed for your time spinning this captivating slot. The fun lies in the wining combinations of the worthwhile game mechanics with soothing background music & graphics that engage a player to the realms of prehistoric Greece.

Our experts suggest Almighty Sparta slot to any players, meanwhile bits highly favorable to big spenders as they stand to gain the most from the supersize multiplier payouts & Risk play-attachment.

However, players can catch a cruise with the lavish & gripping life the developer programmed with this slot. Perhaps you liked the Almighty Sparta slot, do check out NextGen‘s 300 Shields, as you can take advantage of 25 win-lines, including the multiplying co-efficient & bonus spins.

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Frequent Asked Questions on the Almighty Sparta slot games

  • How possible is it playing Almighty Sparta slot without staking in real money?

On our site here, we provide several bonuses, Endorphina slot games, and Almighty Sparta slots so that you can catch a cruise with the game in demo play format. The titles include our collections of multiple game titles provided by top software programmers currently active in the industry sorted into storylines, programmers, & game mechanics.

So, you can get an appropriate slot game that’s okay enough for your game pattern, from state-of-the-art mega-reel slots to retro Vegas grape crops.

  • Can I get a bonus spin with the Almighty Sparta slot?

Yes, the game offers as much as 20 bonus spins if you’re able to appear three or higher of the scatter icons at any spot across the reels.

Any payouts release a 4x multiplying coefficient that acts upon the activating wager. Besides, it’s possible to activate the 20 bonus spins again merely by appearing three or more of the scatter icons while the bonus spins are active.

  • Is it possible to win real cash with the Almighty Sparta slot?

It’s possible. Maybe you’d like to play slot games of real-cash; proceed to our reviews on casino platforms. We already provide every necessary information on outstanding real-cash casinos provided with impressive game titles, fair sign-up bonuses, exemplary help-desk support, & quick cash-out processing times.

As soon you decide on any option of casinos powered by Endorphina developer, go ahead to register, deposit & hit payouts.

  • Is it possible to install Almighty Sparta slot?

Users have to install software to ensure their access to spin a game with some specific OS; however, in-browser games have prevented the necessity to install before play the game.

Aside from that, you have your device memory in a mess; however, flash-play software is not so much a safety threat; launch your preferred browser to play your best slot titles on any gadgets.

  • Is Almighty Sparta mobile-compatible?

Thumbs up to HTML5 hi-tech. It’s the swiftest & straightforward means to get a kick out of slot games on mobile with no necessity to install software determined by the platform used.

Merely launching a browser interface, the slot games can operate on any gadgets or OS, having experienced no hiccup. This way is the perfect approach to take joy in an ideal mobile gambling session.

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