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Hey punters! Perhaps, you include among those that developed catching fun with Konami Gaming computer games, do ensure to mingle with the developer more with the sort of Pro Evolution Soccer & Metal Gear Solid instead of high-street slot games.

Nevertheless, peradventure, you included among lovers of this kind of games, you are in a better standing to grasp the maximum possibility of Konami’s prowess. Indeed, each time this developer releases any spanking-new slot game, you’ll get delighted.

About the Game

Alchemist's Garden SlotAlchemist’s Garden encompasses a 4-5-4-5-4-reel arrangement slot game, having identical design, control& gameplay exactly as Konami slot games which already launched its innovations earlier like; Treasure Voyage & China Shores.

This exceptional reel set-up brings into play a system isolated from the slot games developed by rival gaming innovators. All about this slot game visibly encompasses the features of a Konami slot game, such that you’ll find enjoyable, perhaps you anticipate to discover a real Konami game.

The least bet of 40 credits & moderate volatility implies that you get aware of things to anticipate from this slot game in preparation to start playing the game.

This slot game as well features the Mirror Reels function; however, we’ll expound further afterwards. In preparation to commence spinning the reels, you start sensing you have an extra rich delivery from the scholars at Konami Gaming.


It’s rare to find a slot game story-line subject to the philosophical custom which got exercised throughout the universe, across Europe, Asia, the Middle East & continues been used in the majority of regions, nowadays.

This developer employs a concept to refine & make certain things perfection; therefore, users can perceive the attractiveness therein get utilized by slot innovators. This concept invokes/bring into play this slot machine.

The story-line is a meagre uncommon alongside the mirror symbol utilized over the title adverts showcasing a comic visual that wouldn’t scout of place in a Disney cartoon. It’s quite admiring, to feature the Mirror Reels.

However, the character might appear annoying. Konami Gaming, exhibit a preference for this category of mysterious slot games, however, alongside Cassiopeia & Chinese fantasy being two instances already across the sector.

The first categories being quite identical to this slot alongside the addition of the Mirror Reels feature & exact reel arrangement the same 4-5-4-5-4-reel design.

From assessment, is the game unique? Its originality or its concept is just a replicate of another release? Indeed, it calls for arguments. However, copying is the established form of compliments, while the tweaks ascertain the game adopts an established method & operates subject to it.


This slot seems not to incorporates much. However, it considers some captivated features which secure a player to the platform. Tr as much as possible to get the names, ultimately, though, or maintains it smooth, however, ascertain that it’s fascinating.

Multiplied Winnings: Virtually, all admire a multiplier. However, they get limited to bonus features & can, thereby have a sensation they are never featured satisfactorily, which doesn’t’ calls for panic. Players can succeed in winning a multiplier alongside each prize.

Also, smartly enough, Konami enabled multipliers up to a worth of 100x; therefore, its possible to acquire several real enormous winnings outside of the bonus features.

Bonus Spins – Nowadays, the focal point for slot games is the bonus spins & base on the game tables these spins thereby establishing a player’s amusement. Players can activate to the extent of 20 free games over this game.

Several slot games include Magic Bat Fortune, which yields well, however, alternatives such as; Masked Invitation provides not up to 50%.

Therefore, it isn’t the most abundant as regards bonus spins. Nevertheless, several 20 is over sufficient to get a player to feel more delightful. It never solely utilizes such one spin to actualize great winnings characters ultimately.

Mirror Reels – This function is quite prevalent in Konami slot games alongside instances like; Fortunes of the Orient, Winner’s Night. Therefore, the reels can mirror one other, thereby magnifying the possibility of acquiring these winning combos.

Its quite unlucky, that the Mirror Reels gets constrained pending the moment you activate the three bonus function characters; however, the adventure is certifiable & deserves exploring.


It’s possible Alchemist’s Garden never includes among the categories yield the famous slot machine games; however, occasionally, players can give a little distinct feel. Alchemist Slot machine lacks sufficiency in bonus features.

However, there are chances you stick more to the gameplay, since its enjoyable. The fact Konami Gaming employs exact reel design & features for alternative slot games implies they exhibit a healthy level of hope in this approach.

It never reforms slot machines. However, it’s all-embracing launch which includes additional features to existing great products of slot games from this same gaming innovator.

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