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Traditionally, online casinos have always been associated with American production. The power and influence of the US dollar has meant that in countries worldwide and on the internet, it has been the currency of choice. But the unification of many of the European currencies into the Euro has meant that casinos have had to take serious notice of this huge market across the Atlantic. Sharing the platform of the world’s major currencies with UK sterling, with US Dollar and AUD$ Australian, the Euro currency has made a significant impact on the online casinos in producing european online casinos and bonuses for EU players.

Many of the online casinos, particularly those based on European shores, will offer their clients the chance to play and gamble with Euros. Here below our first selection of trusted € online casino.

European Online Casinos are the casinos whose jurisdictions is based in European countries. One of the most famous destination for gamblers is Europe. The list of the best European online casino sites present in European countries cannot be exhausted.

Players based in Europe can play any games of their choice online to make money without going to the land-based casinos. There are many games available at online casinos ranging from slot games, table games, progressive jackpots, card games, and so on. Playing at European casinos will provide you with the necessary experience you need in the gaming world as well as using the opportunity to earn some money. You can visit our website to check out the best Euro casinos you can visit online. There are many criteria used to rate these casinos as the best. Such as bonuses and promotions, licenses, and so on. And you can rest assured that the list provided is mainly to serve the players with the ultimate satisfaction.

One of the fantastic qualities of casinos found online is that players can play on them from any part of the world. If you are sitting comfortably on your sofa in south Dakota or lying down comfortably on your bed in North Carolina, since you have the necessary device, you can always play at any online casino of your choice.

Nowadays, playing at European casinos online as become the current trend in the gaming world. European online casino sites offer abundance bonuses, both foreign and local players, as well as new and old players. These casinos are notable for the services they provide to players. They are categorized as the best European casinos with a lot of things being considered, such as credible gaming licenses. This leads to the question of how we can determine whether a European casino is right or not. To determine whether a European casino is good, you will need to consider all the criteria that make an online casino a good one. Then, some additional features can be found only at European casinos, which will be considered. As a player who wants to play at any European casino for the first time and wants to ensure you are playing at the best casino, here are some of the things that make an excellent European casino.

High-Security Level

One of the things to consider when choosing the best casino in Europe you can play is their security level. However, how will you determine whether a European casino is secured or not since no casino will propagate the fact that their casino sites are not secure. It is very simple for players to comprehend and ascertain whether a casino is worth playing on with their real money or not. You do not need to be a student of law to know this. All you need to do is navigate to the base of the websites and look for the logos that are available there. What you are looking for is to ascertain whether the casino is licensed or not, which can be determined from the body’s logo regulating the casino. Players should note that if the logo is not present, then they should not play. Because a casino that is not licensed cannot be regulated, which implies that the casino is not secure. Gambling on such casino is at your own risk because the casino can go away with your money, and there is nothing you can do about it. Therefore, to avoid being in this predicament, the best thing is to stave off from such casinos.

Also, another question is whether some regulatory bodies are more reliable than others. Yes, that is true, and that is why it is more advisable to play at any European casinos that are regulated by any of the three reliable regulatory bodies mentioned below:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority which is regarded as the best regulatory body for any European casino sites.
  • Gibraltar Gaming Commission

Any European casino with any of those three as their regulatory body will take the complaint of the players seriously. This is because failure to do so will result in dire consequences for the casino. Therefore, any casino listed on this site is licensed by reliable regulatory body.

The Local Denominations

This is another common characteristic of European online casinos. The usage of local currency is among the numerous benefits that players derive from playing at the best European casinos online. There is no need for conversion altercations, and players do not need to bother themselves whether the deal they made is good or not. All these will be available to players when they are playing on the best European casinos. We are now in the age where there are many currencies that are used globally. Why should a currency limit the ability of a player to play at any online casino? With the emergence of e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and other means of making transactions, it is now easy for players to play at any online casino without having the problem of the casino not accepting their local currency. This reduces the rigor players will go through just to convert their local currency to euros just because they want to play on European casinos. It also saves time and energy since the means of transacting has been made easier for you.

Payment Methods

This is another characteristic of a good European casino. You do not need to learn a new system of making payments just because you want to deposit or make a withdrawal at European casinos. If you are a player that likes using cryptocurrencies to make a transaction, you do not need to learn a new method. Many European casinos acknowledge it as a means of making payment. If you are a player that likes using skrill or neteller, a lot of European casinos also accept the e-wallets as a means of making transactions.

A Wide Range of Game Selection

Game Selection

The number of games available on online casino is a no-brainer. A lot of means of enjoying yourself through gambling online just like the way the sky contain numerous stars. This implies that, there are uncountable alternatives available to players. A good European casino will have many slot games, table games and so on. They will also offer the option of sport betting for the lovers of sport. Therefore, there is no way you will visit these casinos that you will not see at least a game that will captivate you. You cannot run out of options since in a day at least a game will be launched by a software provider. You will see games from the top software providers in the gaming industry as Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and so on. You can also determine whether an European casino is among the best casinos through the software providers of their games.

Good Customer Services

Good customer support services is also one of the qualities of a good European casino. This can be considered together with how secured the casino is. Any online casino that is being regulated by a notable regulatory body will definitely offer a good customer services to the players. At least, you will be able to reach them either through email or telephone number. Whenever, a player is confused, want to make an inquiry or want to lodge a complaint, there won’t be need for them to start searching for the address of the owner of the casino. Another good option of providing good customer service is the live customer support services. The support service will always be available at any time during the day or at night. This means that you do not need to wait for a specific time before lodging your complaint.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

As a newbie to any European casino, you will be liable to some welcome bonuses. However, since this is an option you will only enjoy once, you will want to make to have as much as many bonuses you can get. Therefore, you will need to go for the one offer by the best European casinos. How will you characterize an European casino as among the best based on the welcome package? You need to first ascertain if they are present in the country you are staying. Then, you will check whether your means of transaction is compatible with that of the casino. Before you can withdraw what are the playthrough requirements you need to satisfy? Check the terms and conditions of the casino before registering on any online casino in Europe.

Fresh Euro online casinos

All what we have stated above are what you need to determine whether an European online casino is good or not and you can consider yourself as a person that has the knowledge to differentiate good casino from bad one. Also, we made mentioned of the launching of new game almost every day same thing is also applicable to European online casino and that is why we are here to help you choose the best online casino to spend your money on. There are some players that prefer trying out new things, you can always check out this site regularly to receive an updated list of every new European online casino.

Recently, a lot of European casinos with Malta gaming agency license have been added to the list of the best European online casinos. With all the characteristics stated above and considering the first characteristics even if the websites graphics and designs are catchy once there is no license, it is a no go area. Among the newly added European online casino to the list of best European online casinos, there are some that have incredibly outstanding welcome packages for new players which will definitely prompt you to register.

European Nations with Gambling Friendly laws

Basically, for companies and the operators of online casinos, European laws seems fairly towards them. However, you cannot expect the law of each European country to be the same towards casinos online. Gambling laws are made based on each country. There are European countries whose gambling laws towards online casino are more stringent than others. Most of the time, the law usually apply only to the online casino but there is nothing bad in the player taking note of the gambling laws of her country whenever they playing on any European casino online.

So among the countries where players from there need to be extra careful is Netherlands. According to the gambling laws of Netherlands, there is prohibition of online gambling to everyone. This will be a good thing to keep in mind as a citizen of Netherlands. Although in 2019, authorization have been given to interactive staking and gaming for operators through the remote gambling act that was passed. Switzerland is another country that the citizen also need to be wary of the gambling laws. In this country, authorization are only given to European online casinos that have been added to the list of operators with government approval. Another country with strict gambling laws is France which prohibits online European casinos unless a local regulatory body has granted them license. Also in Belgium you cannot participate in online gambling until you are above or exactly twenty one years old and only European online casinos with license are made legal for them. Once you do not comply with this regulation, there is certainly a penalty and you will be punished. Another country with strict gambling laws is Sweden that made all online casinos illegal unless they have been granted license by the Swedish authority. No other authority is allowed to grant license in Sweden and players should note that any online casino that does not possess the Swedish license does not mean they are not secure. This is because the casino might possess a license from the recognized regulatory body and decided not to obtain a license from the Swedish authority.

European Casinos that Accepts Players From United Kingdom

One of the question that players from United Kingdom used to ask is whether they can register on any online casino by stating that they are from United Kingdom. Signing up and stating that they are British players if it will be acceptable will depend on the license the online casino possesses. Malta Gaming Authority is a notable regulatory body that any good European online casino usually have their license. But, United Kingdom Gambling Commission is also another regulatory body that only some online casinos have their license. Any European online casino that have a credible license issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is the only casino allow to receive players from United Kingdom. Online casinos had to take extra precautions because of the stringent gambling laws in the United Kingdom compare to that of any European country. You can always check the bottom of the casino sites to ascertain whether they have a valid license from UKGC or not. Once you are able to see a credible license number and the logo of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission then you can register on that European casino if you are a British player. Although, based on the number of European online casinos we have seen, most of them have a license from the UKGC.

Playing and Depositing With Euros

Before registering on any European online casino, players need to ascertain whether the casino is the best for them or not. You will also want to ascertain that you can use Euros to make transactions and check whether the bonus, T’s & C’s and acceptable means of transactions are all what you prefer. Below is a guide that will help you to understand how to play and make a deposit at any European online casino.

European Casinos Best Deposit Methods

European Casinos Best Deposit Methods

Once you register with the best European online casinos as provided in the list on our site, withdrawing and making a deposit in euros will not be a problem for you. As stated earlier also, with the advent of many means of making payments online you do not need to go through the stressful process of converting the currency. Below are the acceptable means player can use to make payments that are common and acceptable to any European online casino. They include: Bank wire transfer, Debit and credit cards, Paypal, PaySafeCard, e-wallet (including Skrill and Neteller). One way of making transaction online is through the use of e-wallets and one notable example is skrill.

Among the famous and most used mobile wallet options is Skrill and a lot of players all over the world make used of it in making payment. Players prefer using it because the transaction can be done online without visiting a bank, it is faster and also charge a little amount of money. Creating a Skrill account is very simple and easy, it will only take a couple of minutes and then you are good to go. After signing up, then you can go on depositing or withdrawing at any time at any casino.

One thing to note when making transaction with any means of payment is the amount of money charge as transaction fee. Once the transaction fee is too high, there are other payment methods with lesser charges. This is to ensure that you go home with a substantial amount of money after winning at any casino.

European Casinos Most Famous Games

Before registering on any European online casino you will want to know the kind of games they offer. Below are some of the different varieties of games you are going to find at any online casinos.

Table Games

Among the games that are commonly available for players at any European casino sites are table games. Most of them involve the use of cards and the game will between players and a dealer and they have a lot of variants.


European roulette is a table game and the first one that will be discussed here. It is a famous game played by players from all over the world. You can check out more information about this game on our site where there is an explicit explanation. One famous variant is the one from Microgaming known as European Gold Roulette and mostly all notable online casinos have the game.

European Gold Roulette

European roulette is commonly played by players compare to the American variants because of the lesser house advantage of the European variants. European roulette contain only one single zero which makes the house advantage to be 2.7 percent whereas, American roulette has both single and double zeros making the house advantage to be 5.26 percent. Therefore, it is more reasonably to play European roulette compare to American roulette.

European Blackjack

Blackjack is common game among players and European blackjack is one of its version that players does not require much time before they can understand the game. The house advantage offered by the casino is not high and players will enjoy themselves when playing the game. Also, the game is not based only on luck but also involves technique which makes the player to be able to affect the game in some way. And players will have higher chance of leaving the casino with some winnings.

High-Limit Baccarat

This is among the most interesting game you will find at any European online casino and can also be played by players that does not like betting high. Also, players that like betting high can play with high amount of money. The game is basically for players that love betting high and it has a less house advantage. The game is less risky than other casino games and most of the time players do win a lot while playing since it has high probability of players winning.


This is another type of table games that involve the use of a pair of dice. Contrary to most table games that used cards, players need to bet on what the result will be after rolling a pair of dice. It is literarily more of a game of chance than technique. The high payouts of the game is one of the benefits players derive from the game.


This is another table game that involve the use of cards and is famous among players. There are lot of variants of poker games available at any European online casinos and they include:

Texas Hold’em

Among lovers of poker all over the world, this is the most famous version. It is played by giving the players 2 cards in which the player will be the only one seeing the hole card. The table will contain 5 community cards. Swapping is allowed so that the player will have a better opportunity of emerging as the winner. It is a game that involves the use of strategy and any player with good strategy can leave the casino with a lot of money.

Three Card Poker Games

This is also a popular variant of poker that is played online by some players all over the world. This variants of poker also have 3 alternatives and it entails different means of playing. There is nothing restricting the player from staking that the dealer hand will be lesser than theirs. Also, there is staking bonus choice for the player. The player will receive their winnings based on the 3 cards payout. The 2 choices above can be wagered on at the same time by the player.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

The chance of winning jackpot is one of the reason why a lot of players prefer playing video poker. Also, the high payout percentage is another factor. You can play the game with your mobile devices and tablets. This implies that you do not need to be a certain place before you can play the game. Jacks or Better is an amazing version of video poker that includes an awesome paytable such that a player will have a percentage payout of 99.54 percent after playing for a while. There is nothing stopping you from playing this game.


Every European online casino always have numerous slot games and they are famous among players. The graphics and designs of slot will definitely captivate you coupled with the high chance of leaving the casino with a huge amount of money. It is among the most played game at any casino all over the world.

Video Slots

You can check out the numerous varieties of slot games available on the best EU online casinos. One of the version of slot games is the video slot game that has amazing theme with a lot of chances available for players to make a lot of money. The game give players the option of wagering based on the level they want to bet on. Bonuses and promotions are common on video slots and players can decide to activate these bonuses by meeting the requirements and playing on the plan.

Progressive Casino Games

Mega moolah

Progressive games is a casino game that is advisable for players that like to win jackpot money to play. You can check out the game from the list of the best European online casinos. You can win jackpot in numerous ways when playing this game. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the T’s & C’s of the casino before playing so as not to lose money unnecessarily and utilize all the chances that will help you in winning the jackpot.

Other Casino Games

Although table games, poker games, and slot games are the most popular games you will see at any European casino online. There are still some games that does not fall into these three categories but are as fun filled as the above listed games. Players can also win a lot of money from these games and they include:

Scratch Cards

This is not a game that is common but worth giving a try. It working principle is just like that of lottery tickets obtain from where they sell them. The gameplay is simple and players have the opportunity of making money without much stress. It also offers the players the opportunity of betting based on the level they want to stake on. The house advantage is low and has a massive percentage payout therefore making it an amazing game to play. It also offer jackpots also for the lucky player.


This game is not common also however, some players have started playing it more because of the chances it offer the player to win massively coupled with the fact that it is not hard. To play the game you will need to buy a bingo card online that will contain a lot of figures. Then you will strike out numbers that the virtual caller called horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you will leave the casino with a lot of money just like that.

Live Casino Games

This is an additional features included in casino games that involves the players and live dealer. Most of the European online casinos use a separate section basically for live casino games. Some of the casino games that are played live are blackjack, roulette, poker and so on. It gives player sensational feeling of playing game live and add more to the fun. You can check out the live games from the list of the best European online casinos. You will also have the opportunity to play whether you are a player that like betting high or prefer low betting. European casinos also offer the players the opportunity to play most of these games for free to gain experience and also perfect their strategies.

How Safe Are European Casino Sites?

As stated earlier there is a way of checking if an online casino sites is safe or not. The security of European online casinos is insured and players can provide any information at the casino sites without having a second thought. The listed best European online casinos make use of the latest technology to safeguard players’ data and delicate information from the cyberpunks. You can check out the privacy policy of each casino to get the necessary information on how they intend to protect your information.

Jurisdictions of European Casino License

Licensing is very important to any online casino all over the world. However, the article is based on European online casinos thus, the need to discuss the jurisdictions that the license will cover. The country where the regulatory body a casino received their license from is situated is known as the jurisdiction. This implies that if a casino received its license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission the jurisdiction of the regulatory body is United Kingdom. Regulating and licensing of an online casino are backed up with the law by giving the regulatory bodies and commissions the power. Then, should a player from a country that does not have any regulatory body be worried?

There is no cause for alarm, only the European casino sites is required to be licensed not the country you are residing at. Therefore, you can play at any EU online casino of your choice once it is licensed. The purpose of the license is to ensure the safety of the player and that the casino will operate responsibly and fairly. Some of the gaming authorities or commissions responsible for the licensing of online casinos are discussed below.

Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner

One of the most famous location for casinos is Gibraltar. Gibraltar Gaming Commission is responsible for the regulation and licensing of many European online casinos and provide the favorable territory to play games at any casino. They are notable for their clarity and their devotion to making sure that the players are treated fairly by any online casino regulated by them.

Whenever, you want to register at any online casino and you check the bottom for their license. If they are licensed by this gaming authority then there is no need to hesitate before providing your details. You can be rest assured that your information is safe and whenever you lodged a complaint they will reply as soon as possible with solution. The customer support service of the casino are always active 24/7 because they are made up of staffs that are proactive.

Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority

Malta is another famous location that is full of many casino companies in Europe. Obtaining license and being regulated by this gaming authority is not easy for any online casino to achieve because they have a very strict code of principle. This means that only some notable and popular online casinos were able to be licensed by this gaming authority.

All the casinos that are license by Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority provide their players with various kinds of casino games. All the casinos that are being regulated by this commission are safe, secure and provide the players with the opportunity to play their game for free or with real money. The choice is all yours because there will be plenty of opportunities for you on these online casinos. No doubt, you are going to enjoying registering with any casino that is licensed and regulated by Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the gambling commission that have been operating for a very long time as far back as a decades ago. Since then they have established themselves with proven records of their achievements and their system of operation. They are also responsible for the license and regulation of online casinos and their standard of operation is very high.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

At Isle of Man, you are going to find various gambling companies located there and offering both online and offline services to players. The same way there are different companies at Isle of Man is the same way there are different software developers responsible for the growth of gaming forums for casinos available online. Microgaming is among the software providers that can be found at Isle of Man, popular and notable for their services and mode of operation. Also, they have received their license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission therefore, their regulation and licensing is one hundred percent. This implies that you can play any game online on this platform without having any fear of cheating.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Alderney Gambling Control Commission is also notable and famous among online casinos in the gaming world. The body is not as big as the one we have mentioned above but they have great prestige when it comes to online casinos and are also responsible for the licensing and regulation of online casinos that are small.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission ensure that the casinos they are regulating produce modest games for their players. Playing on such casinos will be an amazing ordeal for the players. Since there won’t be any hardship encountered with regards to the payment means.

Kahnawake, Costa Rica or Curacao Gaming Commission are private commissions responsible for licensing and regulation. It is advisable to stay clear of any online casino that are licensed are regulated by these authorities only. They are well known for their low standard of gaming.

Gambling in Italy

In 2006, liberalization of Italian laws took place with respect to online gambling. The existing laws we’re discarded and new laws were made so that they will be able to comply with requirements of having an online casino according to the European Union. Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato is responsible for the licensing and regulating of European online casinos in Italy.

This authority is a subset of the Ministry of Finance in Italy and responsible for everything about gambling with the inclusion of bingo, lottery, online casino, betting and games that requires skills such as poker. This is mainly to ensure that responsible gambling act are followed by the online casinos.

Netherlands Gambling Authority

The authority responsible for the licensing and regulation of casinos in Netherlands is the Netherlands Gambling Authority. They ensure that the casinos abide by the responsible gambling act and they exhibit fair play. A new law was passed in 2019 to ensure that operators online can get licensed and operate legally in Netherlands.

Swedish Gaming Inspectorate

Based on the Swedish Gaming Act, the Swedish government appoint the Spelinspektionen, which is also refer to as the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate to supervise the licensing and regulation of casino in Sweden. They are responsible to make sure the casino is safe, legal and reliable for the players. Players can be rest assured when playing on any casino that is licensed by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate because they take gambling seriously in Sweden.

Belgium Gaming Commission

Gambling was prohibited in Belgium until May 1999 when the government set up the Belgian Gaming Commission to ensure that all they regulate all gambling activities. They ensure the safety of players by making sure the casinos are licensed for the players to gamble there. Based on the type of gambling activities offered, there are lot of licenses granted by the Belgian Gaming Commission. For the land based casinos, there are 9 licenses available. For those offering slots, just one hundred and eighty-two licenses are available and it fall under Class B. there are other types of licenses like that such as the one granted to the European online casinos.

Romanian National Gambling Office

Romanian National Gambling Office is responsible for the regulation of all activities related to gambling in Romania. Without their license European online casinos cannot operate legally in Romania. In May 2015, in order to comply with the directives from the European Union, the laws regulating gambling was revised. There are some European online casinos that are exempted from operating in Romania by the Romania National Gambling Office.


There is no prohibition on game of chance in Croatia for both the citizens and foreigners. It was among the first country to make gambling legal in the eastern part. It was until 2014 that the government made revised the gambling laws and made it understandable unlike before. Then everything the gaming operators must comply with before they can get licensed was made clear. In Croatia gambling is categorize into 4 aspects:

  • Slot machines
  • Game of chance
  • Sports betting
  • Lottery games

The European casinos are not exempted from operating in Croatia in as much as they have obtained their licenses and are being regulated. However, getting licensed is not easy, very costly and requires periodical auditing. Also the amount of tax they are expected to pay is high. But, all these did not deter European casinos from obtaining license in this jurisdiction since most of the topmost europen casinos are known to have their license.

In order to enjoy all the necessary benefits and to ensure all your information is safe, you should only play game at online casinos that are licensed. Also, whenever you have a problem it will fix as soon as you reach out to the customer support services.


There are a lot of European casinos that can be considered to be among the best. That is why you have a wide varieties of casinos to choice from. You just need to ensure you do not play at online casinos that are not regulated by any regulatory body. You cannot exhaust the list of best European online casinos, therefore, there is no reason why you should risk playing on the unlicensed online casinos. Also, ensure you read the terms and conditions of the online casinos before playing. Check out the acceptable means of payment also so that you will not have problem when it comes to depositing and withdrawal.

FAQS about European Online Casinos

  • Do European online casinos offer the chance to play slot tournaments?

With the list of the best European online casinos we have provided you will have the chance to play slot tournaments with high payouts. The casinos are easy to navigate and you can download the game and access it with your mobile devices, laptops and smartphones.

  • How long will I have to wait to make a withdrawal?

You do not need to wait for a long time before you can withdraw your winnings from any European casino of your choice. Once your request has been processed, you will received the alert that you have been credited from your bank. The amount of time it will take for the withdrawal request to be completed depends on the means you are using to make transactions. It is advisable to make withdrawal request with a transaction method that charges no or less fee.

  • European Casino software provider that is the best is?

There are many software providers in Europe with a known reputation for producing the best gaming software. You can check out the platforms from our sites and select the gaming platforms of your choice. You can also use the trial and error method to find the game that you like since you can access most of these games for free.

  • What means of identification is required to be submitted before playing?

The best European online casinos listed on our sites are licensed and regulated by the recognized gaming authorities and commissions. Therefore, to play on these casinos, you will need to produce a credible identification. You can use your passport or driver’s license as a means of identification. Verification need to be done for your name, date of birth and address therefore they should be part of your identification.